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Taiwanese team finds key antibodies in COVID-19 patients

Taiwanese team finds key antibodies in COVID-19 patients

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  1. Taiwan does so much good work and had an “exemplary” response to a pandemic that is now ravaging most of the world, yet is kept out of the World Health Organization solely because it would hurt West Taiwan’s feelings. Taiwan has been de facto independent for decades. Is it really a “World” Health Organization if it willfully ignores what happens on one of the most populated islands in the world?

  2. Although many countries including Australia are frontrunners for finding a vaccine to COVID-19 but if Taiwan finds a vaccine it would be awesome to see CCP’s meltdown.

  3. That picture is such a bad shop.

  4. China: you mean our scientists?

  5. Actually on Dec. 31, our government in Taiwan tried to warm WHO and also China about the coronavirus, a sign of human to human transmission. But even WHO ignored the information from Taiwan. And China refused to admit human to human transmission until Jan. 20.

    Taiwan isn’t a member of WHO, we couldn’t receive any new information from WHO, and no any country listened to us. We had to protect our own selves. It’s very difficult, our government try their best to protect us, but KMT try everything to protect CCP.

    Yes, I mean KMT protect CCP, not protect Chinese. If KMT does care about Chinese, they should against CCP and save Chinese.

    And I know, after this, no matter what we did to participate into the world, or did anything to the world, all countries will still forget and ignore us again and again.

    But this can not be the reason to give up helping others and also ourselves, all people in Taiwan.

  6. They also have the best semiconductor industry

  7. My concern with this, is its in vitro demonstration of Antibody Dependent Enhancement similar to Dengue. This may be why in Singapore they have had difficulty telling the difference between the two. Antibodies may make the infection worse and be the reason we see such disparity in patient populations and geographical locations. Let’s hope this is not the case.

  8. I don’t know. I guess just me. I see something positive to hopefully stop this thing. At least help. And all I’m reading from the comment is the same old politics and bullshit.
    Pretty sure the world needs a little more hope and togetherness and a lot less politics and fighting.

  9. Well this is encouraging.

  10. Can someone explain this? Why is it a surprise that antibodies were found in the blood of recovered patients? Or is it that they weren’t able to isolate them until now?

  11. ROC true China, fuck the CCP

  12. ITT: People getting political about a discovery they don’t understand that’s not really that groundbreaking.

  13. Please to the guys who constantly bitch about WHO not recognising Taiwan, if you really want Taiwan to get the credit they deserve get of your asses are tell your so called freedom and human rights loving politicians in your country to get the UN to recognise Taiwan as an independent country so as a branch of the UN the WHO will be able acknowledge and credit them.

    If not just shut the fuck up.

  14. I need to find some solid news sources for this vaccine talk. I swear everyday a new team has made some ground breaking discovery into Covid

  15. Did Trump try to convince them to come to the US like he did with the German company? LMAO

  16. This article is like, [2 weeks late.](https://www.nature.com/articles/d41587-020-00010-2)

    > Even so, the speed and versatility of immunoassays make them invaluable tests; and efforts to produce them on a massive scale are beginning to ramp up. An-Suei Yang, research fellow at the Genomics Research Center, Academia Sinica, in Taipei, Taiwan, and colleagues claim to be first to develop a mAb against the nucleocapsid (N) protein of SARS-CoV-2, which could form the basis of a rapid antigen test. **It has also generated additional antibodies that recognize both SARS-CoV-2 and the original SARS-CoV N proteins or SARS-CoV N protein only. None of the mAbs binds the nucleocapsid protein of other human coronavirus strains.**


    And don’t let it go over your head. We are seeing news on discovery of new antibodies since February, but still no efficient reliable antibody test kit available yet. China reported developed antibody test kit back in January, but it’s so unpredictable that they are still using nuclei acid test.

  17. Taiwan way ahead of the curve in every way regarding this pandemic. Should I move there?


  19. Taiwan has really stepped up during this crisis.

  20. They have done a stand out job. I mean if this is true I vote Taiwan to run the W.H.O. instead of the CCP.

  21. Didn’t China already claim victory over covid-19? /s

  22. The same folks who used a cocktail of drugs including an HIV drug only 2 weeks after the initial outbreak to come up with a “cure” that worked on 8/10 individuals it was tested on. Haven’t heard much about that after the initial (quiet) news broke.

  23. Tedros Adhanom: ~~Taiwanese~~ Chinese team finds key antibodies in Covid-19 patients. World, bow to our lord and savior, China.

  24. At least 3 countries have come forward this at the same time. Which is cool and all, but maybe everyone could work on a different piece of the puzzle?

  25. Good job Taiwan. Proud of you guys!

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