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Tebas accuses City of financial manipulation … restricting Barcelona and Atletico’s expenditures and increasing them for Real Madrid

Barcelona and Atletico Madrid will have to reduce the cost of their squads by more than 35 million euros ($ 42.14 million) after the new salary limit imposed by the Spanish Football League on Tuesday, to counter the financial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The figures – published twice a year after each transfer period – specify what clubs can spend on players, coaches, auxiliary equipment and youth teams.

Clubs deal according to their revenues, which have shrunk due to the restrictions of the Corona virus, as fans were banned from entering the stadiums for a period of 12 months, while tightening the screws on the transfer period and reducing income from other commercial fields.

Barcelona is the club most affected by the new salary limit rules, and it will be forced to reduce its costs by an additional 35.7 million euros to 347 million euros.

On the other hand, league leaders Atletico Madrid will have to cut their expenses by about 35.4 million euros to match the new budget of 217.3 million euros.

Real Madrid, the defending champion, has the maximum wages among 20 clubs in the league, worth 473.3 million euros, and is one of only 4 clubs allowed to increase their costs before next season, along with Granada, Huesca and Celta Vigo.

The association’s president, Javier Tepas, praised the clubs for their adaptation to the challenges of the pandemic, including the lack of fans in the stadiums for nearly a year, and the decline in the transfer market, which he said had cost clubs an estimated two billion euros.

“Covid-19 put Spanish football to the test, but the end is in sight, and we can achieve some positive results,” Tebas said.

Man City rigging

On the other hand, Tebas called for an investigation into the manner in which the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) dealt with appeals for fair play against Manchester City, whose suspension from participating in the Champions League was canceled, for a period of two years last summer.

At a time when City exited the issue of financial manipulation without penalties, Spanish clubs have been affected, and their losses will reach about two billion euros by the end of this season due to the Corona virus pandemic, which will hinder them from winning the upcoming battles to obtain the signatures of Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe.

Tebas stressed the need to stand seriously against “serious violations” of Manchester City’s financial fair play rules, as he has the ability to sign players “in a completely illegal way.”

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