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The Amazon lost the equivalent of 8.4 million soccer fields this decade due to deforestation

The Amazon lost the equivalent of 8.4 million soccer fields this decade due to deforestation

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  1. That’s about 994 billion square feet of land. Or 36,000 square miles. About the size of Maine.

  2. Just maybe the rest of the world should stop importing 1.2 million tonnes of beef a year from Brazil?

  3. plus the effect the burning of the jungle and annual cleansing fires (fertilise soil and remove old crop) have on the water supply of the Amazon river. If the Andes glaciers melt quicker, there won’t be continuous water supply at one point in the future. To that end the whole regional climate cycle will likely break apart. If the Amazon river does not have enough water, rain won’t come as much. This will affect the health of trees, large and small plants, thinning the jungle and reducing humidification, which in turn leads to less cloud building. The end effect is likely significant for the whole continent of South America.

    An explanation why the Andes glaciers will produce less water in the foreseeable future (but more in the near-term)

  4. We’re burning down the wrong Amazon.

  5. Meanwhile, the world is on fire and ground water is disappearing. Seems like the planet is reacting by trying to get rid of a virus.

  6. Not to worry, at least we’ll have disgusting hormone injected beef and no more fresh water, instead of wild, natural rainforest. Worth it.

    In ten years, the same idiots that are not bothered by this deforestation will be the same ones claiming they don’t know how this was allowed to happen.

  7. What a ridiculous size comparison. How should I imagine 8.4 million soccer fields? Why not just tell me the size in bananas? That’s just as informative.

    How about they compare it to the size of a well known lake?

  8. This must be a HUGE hit for the Amazonian soccer sector.

    What are the odds.

    Was it a targeted attack? Did it affected non-soccer assets??

    First it’s climate change, and then they go after the soccer players?

    What depths of deprivation would cause this?

  9. “No biggie.”
    – The oligarchs who control Brazil

  10. So stop eating meat, already!

  11. This is way worse than most people understand. They think of the lost beauty of the amazon but it’s more than that. The plant life in the amazon is responsible for the majorty of carbon dioxide>oxygen conversion.

    in the future we will be planting trees just to balance out the oxygenation of our atmosphere, higher elevations will eventually become uninhabitable due to low amounts of oxygen in our air. But we probably won’t do anything about it as a species until we have to start abandoning the mountain towns.

  12. Australia: I’ll have what they’re having, only flame grilled!

  13. I think right now we can not fully understand the tragidy of this. But it will come a time when we will weep.

  14. How many ball diamonds is that?

  15. Idk, based on how few forests I see on soccer fields it seems they were far more likely to have gained 8.4 million soccer fields.
    ^((I feel I need a /s here))

  16. I’d say that with all those trees gone, maybe they gained that many soccer fields.

  17. Interesting unit of measurement. How does this convert into golden retrievers? How many golden retrievers would it take to put out the sun

  18. It’s alright it’ll just grow back real fast and the animals will move and be fine

  19. Well according to the “president” of Brazil and some other people on reddit, it was all planned burning and clearings that happen every year so it’s fine. I mean where else will they expand all their farms to? because they have no idea how else to raise money for their country other than cows.

  20. I dont have a problem with Brazilians economically developing their land, but the sanctimonious living in 1st world countries telling the Brazilians they are evil for doing so do irk me.

  21. What’s that in american football fields, for those who don’t understand metric sports?

  22. How many tennis courts is that? I don’t really watch soccer.

  23. “iT’S oK, mAiSTr bAesT IS HaS faXxed gLawB WeRNinG!”

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