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The America that I know is gone … and two parallel worlds have replaced it

If the severity of the divisions continue as they are after the end of the era of President Donald Trump, there will be no turning back to America, in which it lived in the arms of years ago, as every half of the American nation now lives in a parallel world, and President Joe Biden will be faced with “the mission of his life.” “To unite the country again.”

With these words, Sarah Baxter, a former correspondent for the British newspaper (The Times) in Washington, commented – in a report – on the current political situation in the United States, to which she returned after a decade, stressing that the option to return to the former America is no longer available, whether for her when she lived. With her husband and children in a neighborhood of Washington, DC, not for the former and current presidents Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

The writer cited the words of Doris Kearns Goodweb – biographer of Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt – to comment on what the country is going through as the curtain falls on the last chapters of the Trump era, when she said, “It seems as if people have fought a war for too long and no longer remember what peace means. “.

She emphasized that President Biden, who came to power after the Capitol events and faces three political, economic and health dilemmas, will not find a way to return to work as before during the eight years he spent as Vice President Barack Obama.

In a country still suffering from the divisions of the Trump era, the problems of the new president are specific to him and his period, as, for example, about 900,000 people applied during the past week only to apply for unemployment support, and 400,000 demanded in the same period for benefits due to the epidemic, and the stimulus package remains. The $ 1.9 trillion “stun” against the effects of the pandemic is just a tiny “sticky bandage”.

The foreign policy challenges in the current period also seem different, especially the issue of dealing with a rising China, which has withstood the spread of the epidemic and maintained a much better economic situation than the West.

The writer believes that President Biden is by nature more risky than his former president, Barack Obama, and he believes that the current circumstance requires bold measures, but he is afraid of causing further division in the country, and the balance between these two dimensions in his policy will determine the features and future of his presidential term.

Insulting and targeting

Also, his inauguration speech caused many Republicans and Trump supporters to feel “insulted” when he spoke about confronting white racists and domestic terrorists, and they saw it as a “targeting” of all the voters of the former president, completely contrary to Biden’s intention.

Trump’s supporters, whom the author interviewed, believe that the new president’s executive orders – such as canceling travel bans imposed on people from Muslim-majority countries, returning to the World Health Organization and the Paris climate agreement, as well as his immigration and gender equality policies – would devastate America.

These messages can be heard clearly and throughout the day – the writer concludes – on the right-wing and conservative news stations that also warn Republicans who are inclined to support Trump’s trial, by merging the Republican Party into a potential “nationalist party” that American websites have reported about President Trump’s intention to establish it.

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