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The American elections … cancel the second debate, and Trump will resume his activities on Saturday with a word from the White House balcony

The US Presidential Debating Committee announced the cancellation of the debate that was scheduled to take place on October 15 between President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden, while Trump prepares to resume his activities about a week after announcing his infection with the Corona virus.

The (non-partisan) committee said in a statement issued Friday that “it is now clear that a debate will not take place on October 15, and the Presidential Debating Committee will focus its attention on preparations for the final presidential debate scheduled for October 22.”

Trump and Biden face a chaotic first debate on September 29, and in the wake of the president’s infection with the Corona virus, the debate committee announced the organization of the second online debate due to health concerns, which Trump categorically rejected.

Trump campaign response

Commenting on the committee’s announcement of canceling the debate, the Trump campaign said that there is no medical reason for the cancellation, because the president “will be in good health and ready to go.”

“We are pleased to participate in a face-to-face presidential debate without the intervention of the Presidential Debating Committee,” the campaign added.

And there are still questions about whether Trump – who announced that he was infected with the Coronavirus on the second of October and spent 3 nights in a military hospital to receive treatment – is still contagious.

Trump told Fox News that he would likely undergo a Corona test Friday.

Illness prevented Trump from holding public rallies to drum up support and raise funds for the campaign at a crucial stage before the November 3 election, as he is outdid by his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, in nationwide polls.

Trump returns to his fans

A senior US administration official confirmed media reports that Trump will resume his public activities Saturday by participating in a discussion on “law and order” at a gathering in the South Park of the White House.

The French Press Agency quoted the official – who requested anonymity – to say that the president will maintain social distancing when delivering his speech from the balcony of the south portico of the White House.

Trump is scheduled to organize next Monday in Sanford, Florida, his first election rally since his infection with Corona, and the president’s doctor confirmed earlier that Trump can resume his public activities “without risk” starting from Saturday.

On the other hand, Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, announced the submission of a bill to establish a parliamentary body that would transfer power in the event that the US President was unable to perform his duties.

The move was soon met with widespread disapproval and criticism from Trump and Republicans who called it ridiculous and called for it not to be taken seriously.

The bill is a symbolic move, as it is unlikely to pass in the Republican-controlled Senate.

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