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The arms embargo ends tomorrow .. Tehran calls it victory, and Washington says that Iran will not stand the sanctions for long

The arms embargo imposed on Iran ends on Sunday, as stipulated in the international resolution that approved the 2015 nuclear agreement between Iran and the “5 + 1” group.

Tehran sees the end of the embargo as a political victory over Washington, which failed to extend it according to a UN Security Council resolution, while America said that Iran would not withstand its sanctions for a month or two after the US presidential elections.

Following the end of the arms embargo imposed on Iran, the United Nations will begin at the end of the month to gradually ease the embargo that prevents Tehran from purchasing modern aircraft and weapons. Iran will also be able to buy and sell its weapons.

Last month, the United States failed to pass a draft resolution in the UN Security Council extending the arms embargo imposed on Iran, as Russia and China rejected the project, and the overwhelming majority of the council abstained from voting on it.

O’Brien’s comments
On the other hand, US National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien said that Iran may withstand economic sanctions for a month or two after the US elections scheduled after less than two weeks, but it will not bear those pressures for an additional 4 years.

O’Brien added during an online interview organized by the Aspen Foundation, that Iran prefers to deal with an American administration other than President Donald Trump’s administration. He also believes that if President Trump wins, Iran will not bear the economic pain resulting from the US sanctions for an additional 4 years, and therefore the Iranians will come to the dialogue table.

The administration of US President Donald Trump accuses Iran of not complying with its obligations stipulated in the historic nuclear agreement that the major countries concluded with them in 2015, and therefore Washington called – accordingly – to the Security Council to re-impose all international sanctions that Iran was suffering under.

However, the vast majority of Security Council members (13 out of 15) believed that the United States lost the right to activate this mechanism in May 2018 when it withdrew from the agreement by a decision by Trump, and unilaterally imposed economic sanctions on Iran.

Following the failure
Following the failure in an effort to restore the UN sanctions on Iran in the Security Council, Washington decided to activate a mechanism included in the Iranian nuclear deal, which provides for the re-imposition of all United Nations sanctions that were lifted under the agreement in the event that a country decided that Tehran violated the requirements of the agreement, and this US decision means that the arms embargo The traditional regime imposed on Tehran will not expire in the middle of this month.

It is noteworthy that the Iranian nuclear agreement aims to prevent Tehran from developing nuclear weapons in return for easing sanctions.

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