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The best Arab films 2020 .. Did the cinema in the Middle East escape from Corona?

Unlike many film industries around the world, there has been no major pause in the Arab entertainment industry; Even during the last month of Ramadan and during the height of Corona; Many cinematic and television works continued to be filmed, but the major crisis came in presentation or distribution, as commercial films did not find cinemas to display in them, at first because of the closure and then due to the low turnout, and thus many films were postponed for the next year.

On the other hand, apart from commercial films, many so-called artistic films, which search for foreign markets in festivals and other production crises, have suffered, but have had opportunities to show in one way or another, as well as celebration. In this article, we talk about the best Arab films in 2020, which are works that managed to survive this long year, with some of them winning showing in international festivals.

Gaza Monamur

A film by directors Arab Nasser and Tarzan Nasser, the names they gave themselves, as their real names are Ahmed and Muhammad Abu Nasser.

The film was screened at the Venice Film Festival, and was nominated for the Horizon Award, the Toronto Film Festival, where it also received a nomination, and in various film festivals, including the Cairo International Film Festival.

The events of “Gaza Munamur”, as its name indicates, take place in Gaza City, but this time we do not see the dark side of the besieged city, but rather the most romantic and simple, where we meet a middle-aged fisherman who lives alone and falls in love with his neighbor in the market, the widowed one The divorced daughter, and in a frame of light comedy, we watch his adventure in expressing his feelings, while at the same time being chased by repression and power after he found an antique statue by chance.

200 meters

Another Palestinian film directed and written by Amin Nayfa, and produced by Mai Odeh, and it was shown in various festivals around the world, including the El Gouna Film Festival, where it won several awards: Best Actor, the Humanitarian Award from the People’s Choice, and the Fierce Award.

The events of the film revolve around a simple Palestinian family; The mother is from Arab 48, and the father refuses to obtain an Israeli ID; Consequently, the parents live in two houses separated by the wall, and the family moves from here to there periodically depending on the permits, but due to an accident the father is forced to cross the wall illegally to live an exciting adventure in one night, during which we learn about the impossible life difficulties for an ordinary family that cannot even Reunited when required.

Live, captain

An Egyptian documentary film directed by Mai Zayed, shown in several international festivals, and won 3 awards at the Cairo International Film Festival.

It deals with a very exciting topic, which is the life of a group of girls who are training to carry weights in difficult circumstances, as the film follows the trainer Ramadan who took a plot of land from the governorate in a street in Alexandria, and without any special preparations, he trains the girls of the poor neighborhoods to the sport of lifting weights, and does not He only succeeds in that, it even gets girls getting international medals.

The film focuses on the story of “Zabiba,” a teenager who trains with coach Ramadan, who takes care of her in particular for her great talent. Over several years, we see how Zabiba developed under these grinding financial conditions.

the Sun of knowledge

A Saudi film by the Quds brothers in terms of directing and authoring, and its events in a high school revolve around a student who loves films and a content maker on YouTube, and one day when he was filming a video in the school, a teacher discovers it, who decides not to expose his case on the condition that he act with him in one of the His films, and thus the two begin the project of “Sun of Knowledge”, which is a horror film with a very limited budget and self-efforts. But the school administration discovers this project and tries to abort it in various ways, all of which is done in a framework of gentle comedy, especially with the excellent performance of Sohaib Quds and Baraa World.

The man who sold his back

A film directed by Kawthar Ben Haneya, and was shown at the Venice Film Festival, where it won two awards, one of which was the Horizon Award for Best Actor, as well as in the El Gouna Film Festival, where it won the Best Arab Film Award, and competed in the official competition.

The events of the movie revolve around a Syrian immigrant who wants to arrive in Belgium to be reunited with his sweetheart, and for that he agrees to sell his back to a famous painter to use tattoos to draw a painting on him, but he discovers that he not only lost his back, but also lost part of his soul and his future, And he begins to self-review his decision.

Among the most important Arab films shown during 2020 are the two short Egyptian films “Stacher” and “Hannah Ward”, where the first won the Palme d’Or from the Cannes Film Festival, and it is the first time that an Egyptian film won this award, while the other won a large number of Prizes are also from international festivals.

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