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The Biden administration wants to extend the New START treaty by 5 years, and Moscow welcomes

Russia has welcomed US President Joe Biden’s statement of its desire to extend the New START treaty, which will soon expire, for an additional five years.

In statements to reporters, today, Friday, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov welcomed the political will of the United States to extend “START 3”, the last major nuclear weapons treaty between the two countries.

Peskov added that his country supports maintaining this treaty and extending it in order to obtain a period of time for appropriate negotiations and appropriate contacts.

But the Russian spokesman said that everything will be related to the details of Washington’s offer, noting that his country had rejected conditions set by the administration of former US President Donald Trump to extend the treaty, which expires on February 5.

The treaty was signed in 2010 by the US and Russian presidents, Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev, at the time, and stipulates that the number of nuclear warheads in each of the two parties shall not exceed 1550.

The US White House spokeswoman Jane Saki announced yesterday that her country wants to reach an agreement with Russia to extend the New START treaty.

“The United States intends to seek an extension of the New START treaty for a period of 5 years,” she said, and this becomes more logical when the relationship with Russia is as hostile as it is now.

The American spokeswoman added that President Biden also intends to hold Russia accountable for its actions, which she described as reckless and hostile.

For his part, a spokesman for the US Defense Department said yesterday that President Biden’s decision to extend the treaty serves the United States.

The spokesman added that Russia’s compliance with the treaty was in the interest of US national security, and that Americans would be safer if the treaty was extended without prejudice to it.

But he warned that failure to rapidly extend the New START treaty would limit his country’s ability to obtain sufficient information on Russia’s long-range nuclear missiles.

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