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The biggest impact of the Corona pandemic will be on donor support

The regional director of the UNHCR, Ayman Gharaibeh, said that a refugee is a person who is forced to leave his country for another country because of fear for his or his family’s life, or exposes the minority to which he belongs to the risk of extermination.

He added – in statements to the episode (9/30/2020) of the “Without Borders” program – that forced displacement comes for the same previous reasons and is usually under conditions of armed conflict, which forces the displaced to move within his country from one region to another he believes is safe, but He stays under his own system.

He added that immigration is divided into two parts, the first is a legal one in which the immigrant moves from his country to another country to work and live, and the second part is illegal immigration, which is a complex matter that the world suffers from today, as the immigrant uses illegal ways to reach a country in order to seek safety, work and live in it. .

The High Commissioner for Refugees classifies people according to the previous divisions in order to determine whether a person meets the conditions of a refugee to be under its umbrella, and the UNHCR interviews all people to find out their stories and take their backgrounds and reasons for their migration, and in most cases the refugee is without identification papers, and here lies the role of the UNHCR.

On the absence of Yemen from the list of the most asylum countries, Gharaibeh emphasized that Yemen is going through difficult conditions, and the number of internally displaced has reached about 3.6 million displaced people, and added that the internal asylum movement suspects many dangers due to the multiplicity of contact lines, and the tribal system in Yemen does not prefer asylum Abroad.

Regarding the work of the UN organizations in Yemen, the Regional Director of the High Commissioner for Refugees denied that there is any corruption in the Commission for its keenness to deliver aid without relying on local partners, and added that the Commission is carrying out continuous follow-up to ensure that the aid reaches its beneficiaries, but he did not deny the existence of corruption in other sectors. .

Regarding the deduction of large sums from the aid allocated to Yemen, such as operating expenses, salaries and administrative work, I consider it strange that this talk is untrue, since the sums allocated to people arrive through local banks without any deduction, and he stressed that the commission depends on local employees due to the low operational cost for them, stressing that The organization’s humanitarian responsibility calls for staying in Yemen despite the pressures it is facing there.

On the impact of the Corona pandemic on refugees around the world, Gharibah stressed that the greatest impact of the Corona pandemic will be on the support provided by donors, adding that the UNHCR has been working since the first day of the pandemic to continue providing aid in general, especially medical, to support refugees to confront Corona.

He concluded his speech by calling for help to the governments hosting refugees, especially Jordan and Lebanon, which received the largest number of refugees to get out of the economic crisis in them. And he called on European countries to allow resettlement of migrants, as happened in the past with some refugees.

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