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The biggest mystery about Maradona … what was he hiding in two lockers he left in Dubai?

Two months after the death of Argentine soccer star Diego Maradona, there are still many unresolved mysteries, including two lockers he left in Dubai and had not been opened two years ago, and only the late star is known inside them.

The conflict intensifies over Maradona’s inheritance between his ex-wife Claudia Villavan and his – recognized children – Delma, Gianina, Diego, Jana and Diego Fernando, in addition to another conflict over many sons who seek to prove their lineage to the late star so that they can obtain a share of his estate.

Previous reports stated that the Argentine public prosecutor refused to cremate Maradona’s body, due to the urgent need for his DNA in the multiple lineage proving cases, some of which began before his death.

The Spanish newspaper MARCA reported that the intensification of the conflict over Maradona’s legacy is mainly due to the fact that he did not leave a specific will before his death, and it is very difficult to calculate the monetary value of his properties around the world.

The newspaper said that the assets that Maradona owned were many and varied, as he owned expensive real estate, cars and watches, in addition to a diamond ring he obtained during the period when he was president of the Dynamo Brest club in Belarus.

Celebrity Net Worth said that Maradona’s assets are estimated to be worth about $ 75 million, but the big mystery that remains unresolved is knowing what the late Argentine star left in two lockers that he keeps in his name in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The site added that the things in the two boxes are only known to Maradona, because he was the one who placed them before depositing them in his name.

A close friend of Maradona told the local press in Argentina that “the two lockers in Dubai have not been opened since they left two years ago,” as Maradona worked as a coach in the UAE for Al Wasl and Fujairah teams.

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