Home / news / The chief executive of Britain’s National Health Service has criticized Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand Goop and her new Netflix series, warning it carries “considerable risks to health.”

The chief executive of Britain’s National Health Service has criticized Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand Goop and her new Netflix series, warning it carries “considerable risks to health.”

The chief executive of Britain’s National Health Service has criticized Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand Goop and her new Netflix series, warning it carries “considerable risks to health.”

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  1. Why don’t people call her out for outright fraud and deception? Why the kid gloves?

  2. The anti vampire stuff works, I haven’t seen a single vampire since I started using it

  3. TIL gweneth paltrow is a freak, you see the shit they sell on the goop website?

  4. No wonder Chris Martin wanted a divorce.

  5. She isn’t creating this stuff. She is tapping into the heartbeat of the current generation of upper income Whole Foods moms who are completely oblivious to science, who impart fake science on their children and are raising a generation of people who will reek havoc on our world when they are “the privileged class” as adults.

    And they don’t get called out because of their proximity to money and power.

  6. Out of the loop here, what has she done or said? All I know is candles and vaginas and netflix….

  7. [$75 for a candle.](https://shop.goop.com/shop/products/candle?taxon_id=1175&country=USA) It’s literally called, ‘Candle’ and it’s *only* a candle.

  8. Having not watched the Netflix (doc?) Has Netflix opened themselves up to legal attack?

    If someone is pushing bullshit health claims then the regulators need to step in and start confiscating/destroying property, levying fines, and arresting people.

    Report it, most of these agencies are legally obligated to launch investigations if a minimum number of complaints come in.










  9. If I could push a button and change one thing about the world, one of the things I would at least consider, is freeing everyone from their obsession over celebrity. Being able to say “Why is it that when boys play, they play at killing each other?” in an entertaining way isn’t a qualification for giving fashion advice, health advice, or any indication that you are a half way decent human being.

    I would prefer people to take life advice from a garbage man, because I know that they have to get up early in the morning, keep a schedule, and deal with other people’s shit.

    I simply do not understand why actors are looked up to. They don’t write their lines, they don’t write the movies, they don’t have to know anything other than their specific lines. Their only skill is to fake emotions.

  10. As I commented on another story about her, in Jean Ralphio’s voice: She is the Woooo-ooo-OOOO-oooorst

  11. She should face legal consequences for being a fucking con.

  12. >it has a legal and compliance team that works with their science and research group to vet product claims.

    A legal and compliance team is not there to ensure that the information is credible. It is there to ensure that the company won’t get sued. Those are two very different things.

  13. Holy shit this stuff is expensive.

  14. Shame on Netflix for giving her a large platform to spread her bullshit.

    When I first saw it on Netflix, I thought it was going to be a documentary commenting on how full of shit her and her Goop is. But it was literally a show promoting herself and her company whilst sniffing her own farts.

  15. Women in my office started talking about this show and how great it is on our fun slack channel. That’s when I left the fun slack channel.

  16. The Netflix series really shows how easy it is for a network with its own platform to engage in corruption/disinformation. It throws all their other “documentaries” into uncertainty, and taints any journalistic merit they may previously have claimed.

    I’ve cancelled my sub. Not going to support this kind of dangerous pseudo-science, nor anyone who pushes it.

  17. I really hope Netflix drops Goop. Before someone dies, preferably.

    Yes, it’s entirely fine to question, but trying to substitute cinematic prestige for a P.H.D is recklessly dangerous.

  18. This is because there is a lot of stupid people out there. I have one on my Facebook who just posts about flu jabs constantly.

  19. There’s your daily blinding flash of the fucking obvious!

  20. I’ll be totally honest, I’ve watched the episodes out of curiosity, and it’s really not as bad as most people are making it out to be. I’m extremely skeptical about this kind of stuff and don’t support pseudoscience, but many of the episodes deal with stuff that is harmless and doesn’t outright say to “replace your conventional medicine with this stuff”.
    So many people are talking about this show without even watching it, even though one episode is pretty educational and encourages women to be comfortable sexually and exploring their bodies, and another looks at using psychedelics to improve wellbeing (which reddit seems to always support in other situations).

  21. I’m honestly pretty disappointed in Netflix for giving this loon an outlet.

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