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The Chinese Foreign Minister calls on the Biden Administration for dialogue to improve relations between the two countries

Beijing called on the United States to retreat from fighting the Chinese technology sector

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi today called on the administration of US President Joe Biden to work with China to resume dialogue between the two countries to restore relations, which were damaged during the presidency of former US President Donald Trump, due to his policy of suppressing and containing China.

The Chinese minister said the United States had essentially cut short bilateral dialogue at all levels during those years, and Wang called on Washington to abolish “unacceptable” tariffs on Chinese goods and back off from fighting the Chinese tech sector.

The Chinese foreign minister urged Washington to respect Beijing’s interests and stop interfering in its internal affairs, and Wang stressed that his country is ready to make frank contacts with the US side and engage in dialogues to solve problems.

The Chinese official talked about the recent phone call between Chinese President Xi Jinping and his US counterpart Biden, describing it as a positive step.

Strategic intentions

In the same context, Chinese Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai said today that China and the United States should clarify the limits of their policies, and have an accurate understanding of each other’s strategic intentions.

Minister Cui added – in statements during a forum in Beijing – that files such as Taiwan, Xinjiang and Tibet “represent a red line for Beijing.”

The director of the Al-Jazeera office in Beijing, Nasser Abdul Haq, said that China’s call to America to restore relations between the two countries comes after the passing of the era of former US President Trump, in which relations were marred by many tensions and great differences.

The director of the Al-Jazeera office added that many opinions in China believe that it is better for Washington and Beijing to hold secret talks first in order to restore their relations, as occurred during the era of former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in 1972.

Among the most prominent differences between America and China are trade disputes, US sanctions against Chinese companies, and China’s protest against America’s interference in its internal affairs.

Biden policy

And the US President – he said in a TV interview last week – that China is trying hard to become “the leader of the world”, but it must win the confidence of other countries to obtain that title, and Biden added that it would be difficult for China to obtain the title of “world leader”. It has continued to engage in activity that conflicts with basic human rights.

The US President warned that China’s violation of these rights will have repercussions, but he did not specify them.

Biden stressed – in his speech at the Munich Security Conference last Saturday – that his country is in a long-term conflict with China, noting the importance of the alliance between the United States and the European Union against China, especially in the fields of economy and security in the next stage.

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