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The coffee table … an elegant and distinct piece of decor in the living room

The coffee table is an essential element in modern living rooms, and its role does not stop at its practical function to place items on it, but rather has become a complement to living room decor.

The coffee table is used to place books, accessories, decorations, plants and vases. Despite its simplicity as a piece of furniture, it is considered one of the essential elements in the design to be used as a separation or elegant piece of decor.

The coffee table gives a special style to the place, so when choosing it, it must be as appropriate as possible to the type and style of the space that will be occupied.

Its choice is related to the way to build the balance of the elements of the room, depending on the desired style, available space and furniture dimensions, and accordingly, the shape and nature of the appropriate table are determined.

The coffee table quickly attracts the eye to it by using bright and attractive colors that are consistent with all the room colors (pixels)

Coffee table selection rules

Interior designer Haitham Snow confirms to Al-Jazeera Net that the coffee table cannot be limited to one material, but all materials can be used to achieve the same purpose in different shapes and designs, so what is important is the consistency of the material with the style of the room.

According to Snow, the coffee table is a necessary piece of furniture in the living room, and it is considered one of the elements of the pivot room, as it is located in its center, and for this reason, its good choice plays a great role in achieving the beauty and elegance of the room, while dealing with it with a traditional and carelessness loses part of the room’s distinction.

Snow stresses the interest in adding a coffee table to the furniture, taking into account a set of rules, the most important of which are:

Room area and table size

The choice of the size and mass of the table depends on the layout of the room itself, and if the room is designed on the basis of rotating the seats at a close distance from the central space, then the option is usually a single table with a large size and low height that provides an equal percentage of access and use for all seats while maintaining a suitable space to move freely.

If the room is large, it is preferable to design the central space based on two or more small tables, provided that all of them are of the same size and shape.

The coffee table, despite its simplicity, is one of the basic elements in the design to use as a separation element and elegant decor piece (pixels)

Among the good basic rules in this context, start by first measuring the height of the sofa, then choosing the table so that its height is equal to the height of the sofa or slightly less, but in any case, the surface of the coffee table should not be higher than the sitting cushion so as not to impede vision and communication, especially with the presence of Accessories are most of the time.

As for determining the appropriate length of the coffee table, one can rely on the rule of thirds, so that the length of the table is not more than two thirds of the length of the sofa.

Decorating the coffee table with accessories such as clay vases gives it an elegant style (pixels)

Add accessories

Decorating the table and choosing its accessories is a vital matter in general, especially when using elements that can turn into a focal point such as sculptures and figures, or be an element that attracts the eye, such as elements of varying heights, so it is necessary to choose the sizes and colors of the accessories carefully.

This space can be used to add a natural touch that reflects a sense of comfort to the place by using plants and candles, with the use of pottery vases that add elegance to the table.

A metal bowl can be placed distinctively and a set of accessories can be placed alongside the books that are chosen to be placed on the coffee table.

A perfect combination of luxurious Parisian antiques and modern pieces can be chosen on the coffee table, for an eye-catching and distinctive decor, as there is a special flavor to combine these contrasting details in the decor.

The table should be chosen so that its height is equal to the height of the sofa or slightly less (pixels)

The most important designs

Glass and wood are in great harmony, and the two materials can be used together in modern, rural and classic designs as well, for example, a table that used glass with wood in a modern triangular design that centers the living room in an interesting way due to the design of its wooden base in a strange and unusual way, or a glass table with simple metal legs Gives a touch of elegance and practicality to the living room, especially if the space is limited.

But when choosing a glass table, you must be prepared to constantly remove dust from it, although this disadvantage is fully compensated for by appearance, because such a table, even with its large size, will not clutter the room due to its transparency.

And still the most popular coffee tables are made of wood. This phenomenon has a logical explanation, as this material fits easily into any style, fits into any color scheme and is ideal in its ease of care.

In addition, if a table made of warm shades of wood is chosen for a room with a great classic style, then the combination of black and white will immediately fill the interior, and at the same time will not lose its intensity.

Glass table with simple metal legs give a touch of elegance and practicality in the living room (pixels)

Coffee table colors

As for the colors, and because the table is one of the largest and most influential elements in the room, the dark color is often chosen with neutral materials, in line with the general style of the place.

And if you want to add a double element to the place, you can choose the table made of mixed materials.

But you must pay attention to the colors of the walls and furniture of the room, to determine the best colors that go with it, and not to lose sight that the coffee table can quickly attract the eye towards it using bright and attractive colors, if it is used well with the rest of the room colors.

Most popular coffee tables are still made of wood (pixels)

Distinctive designs

Bamboo wood (bamboo) is one of the wonderful materials for coffee tables, as it gives a wonderful appearance, light weight and required durability, and the following are the most famous designs of coffee tables:

Layered tables: It is more than one table design, providing more than one layer to take advantage of it.

Nesting tables: With several measurements and can be stacked on top of each other in order not to take additional space except when needed, which is a smart and popular idea.

Foldable Tables: They open when needed and can be hidden when not in use.

Tables included in sofas: It is used more comfortably than normal tables, as it can be used in a relaxing position.

The coffee table cannot be limited to one material, and all materials can be used in different shapes and designs (pixels)

Most Used Tables: Round and square tables are perfect for modern living rooms, while the rectangular design works best with classic interiors.

Double tables: They are designed in one shape and different sizes are also great choices. The double tables can be placed together in the middle of the room or used separately. One can also be designated for hospitality and the other to hold decor pieces or books.

Simple coffee table design: Simple design is a great bet when choosing decorative pieces for them and coordinating home décor.

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