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The coronavirus can damage the heart, even in people with no history of heart disease, new research suggests – showing it doesn’t only affect the lungs

The coronavirus can damage the heart, even in people with no history of heart disease, new research suggests – showing it doesn’t only affect the lungs

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  1. What can this virus *not* do? Fucking hell

  2. Well, I’ve got asthma *and* high blood pressure so I’ll be hiding out until some time next year I guess.

  3. I really got to stop looking at these articles. My mom is currently in the hospital fighting this virus in a goddam respirator. The more I learn the more stressed I get.

  4. ANY virus can damage the heart if that’s where the infection is.

    Can confirm: I got heart disease 2 years ago at age 34 from a virus.


    Edit: It blows, I have an LVAD pumping blood from my heart now.

  5. Myocarditis survivor here. 3 Years ago, I caught a flu from my boss in Boston that I did not take seriously, so, I went ahead with my plans to travel internationally while sick. Biggest mistake of my life. I had joint pain, fever, runny nose and what appeared to be a sinus infection. So, I treated it like a cold and my symptoms got better after a week. Three weeks later, I was hospitalized with the worst pain of my life. While hospitalized, my infectious disease specialist thought something was off about my “chest pain”, so, had a cardiologist check me up. A day later, my cardiac eco came back with a diagnosis: viral myocarditis: my heart was pumping at 20% capacity because the flu virus had fucked up my whole body and immune system.

    Fortunately, I was among the 30% lucky myocarditis survivors who fully recovered from that and my heart MRI is now normal, although there is still minor residual effect.

    People! Please! Please! Take any viral infections seriously. This Coronavirus seems to be the asshole cousin of the virus I got: one that is much better at spreading. When sick with any viral infection, don’t travel and don’t go to work.

    PS: Even though I caught the flu in Boston, I was hospitalized, diagnosed, and treated in Iran.

  6. Existing COPD and Heart failure here. So, I’m immune, right?

  7. This can happen from a simple flu virus as well. It’s not unheard of, but it doesn’t mean it will affect every single person fighting the disease. It’s rare, but it can happen.

  8. [Covid-19 enters the body’s cells through the ACE2 receptor](https://www.webmd.com/lung/coronavirus-covid-19-affects-body), so wherever that receptor is the virus is. Once inside, the coronavirus hijacks your healthy cells and takes over command. Eventually, they kill some of the healthy cells.

    “If we think of the human body as a house and 2019-nCoV [another name for covid-19] as a robber, then ACE2 would be the doorknob of the house’s door. Once the S-protein grabs it, the virus can enter the house,” Liang Tao, a researcher at Westlake University who was not involved in the new study, [said in a statement](https://www.livescience.com/how-coronavirus-infects-cells.html).

    Since its original detection primarily in human heart, kidneys and testes, [ACE2 has been identified in a variety of tissues](https://europepmc.org/article/PMC/2676688), including the rat brain, lung, adipose tissue, liver, pancreas,retina, and human placenta, colon, small intestine, ovary, and is thought to be ubiquitously expressed. It has been hypothesized to regulate the RAS by opposing the ACE/Ang-II/AT1 receptor axis, and therefore counter several pathologic processes including cardiac dysfunction ;, hypertension;, acute respiratory distress syndrome, inflammation; and fibrosis

  9. “According to Madjid and his co-authors, COVID-19, as well as other respiratory viruses like the flu and SARS, can exacerbate existing cardiovascular disease and trigger new heart problems in healthy patients.”

    Read the fine print. They are lumping this in with other respiratory viruses, such as, the common flu. Not saying Covid19 is the regular flu, but it makes their conclusion far less significant. They are making a claim about respiratory diseases that scientists and doctors already know about, but because the case study focuses on Covid19, the study/article is sensationalized. Other respiratory viruses have the same potential to damage your heart.

  10. A nurse friend of mine was telling me about this a few weeks ago. It was a patient in Atlanta I believe that had died of heart complications. No prior history of heart problems.

  11. I’m getting more and more paranoid after reading these articles.
    For the past three days, my heart (or something in the lower left chest) has been tightening every time I take a deep breath. Also if I yawn, or raise my left arm. It used to happen on rare occasions for like a brief 10 seconds or so, but never to this extent. I’m extremely worried.

  12. It’s like HIV and SARS decided to have a child

  13. So can many of other respiratory illnesses like flu

  14. This really isn’t too shocking, a number of viruses can cause whats called myocarditis and/or pericarditis. I got both from a bad flu 5 years ago and it was brutal. Started feeling like standard muscle pain but progressed to being an unbearable pain through my chest. If you’re having feelings of sore chest muscles that gets worse over time following a virus get to a doctor ASAP. If caught you can make a full recovery, but if left untreated it can get very serious.

  15. My grandfather is pushing 90 and had no recent health conditions and then this shit came around. Congested heart, pneumonia and now his kidneys are failing. I lost my job and have been calling as often as i can. They moved him to paletive care and don’t really have much else to offer at this point. Trying to reach him everyday has been comical. Got connected to someone’s grandfather who’s partly deaf and barely spoke english. Im sad happy.

  16. Cool. I hate this. Chronic immune and heart issues from anorexia here, as well as asthma. And if I get a fever I’m at higher risk of danger because fevers in people with epilepsy can be quite dangerous. Just another reason not to leave the house for a few months!

  17. Diabetes also damages the heart – so it’s extra dangerous for diabetics who already have heart damage.

  18. Isn’t this also true for the flu?

  19. *”parts of his heart muscle were floating around in his blood. This is something you find in a heart attack, but he did not have a heart attack”* – [Chubbyemu’s recent video on 3 Covid cases](https://youtu.be/Q0A0LyMru3I?t=137)

    So Covid is dissolving the heart into the blood.

  20. Way ahead of ya. Picked up 900 grams of spicy salami before this all went down. Hearts already messed up.

  21. Two weeks ago: perfectly healthy doctor dies of heart attack after getting virus. Its nice that news can catch up with reality in just… weeks.

  22. My friend is currently in hospital with a suspected heart attack and he tested positive for Covid-19 while there.

    I was dubious at first and just assumed that he’d suffered a heart attack unrelated to Covid as it wasn’t on the list of complications initially. But I did some research online and it does seem to be possible.

  23. It also attacks the liver and one of the symptoms is the loss of the sense of smell/taste.

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