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The crime of the “Blue Boy” … dozens of arrests in Jordan and a ban on publishing the case

A Jordanian security source announced today that dozens of people were arrested during a security crackdown yesterday, Saturday, in the wake of the horrific crime of what became known as the “Blue Boy”, and the judicial authorities imposed a ban on publishing the case.

A spokesman for the Public Security Directorate said, “The joint security campaigns of the PSD resulted in the arrest of 97 wanted suspects and suspects in cases of imposing royalties and intimidating citizens, including 5 classified as very dangerous.”

He explained in a statement that “the security campaigns to arrest the dangerous and suspicious wanted persons will continue until all of them are caught and society is rid of their actions.”

The source confirmed, “The death of one of the wanted persons when the security men tried to arrest him in the Sweileh area” in Amman after “throwing himself from the balcony of the house.”

The statement added that “a number of people wanted in cases related to bullying, violence and the imposition of royalties have turned themselves in to General Security after determining their whereabouts.”

It called for reporting “any person carrying out acts of intimidation and intimidation of citizens and operations of bullying and imposing royalties”, and assigned a number to that.

public opinion case

The security crackdown comes days after people amputated the hands of the 16-year-old boy, Saleh Hamdan, and slapped his eyes last Tuesday, in retaliation against his father in the Zarqa Governorate, northeast of the capital, Amman, in a crime that turned into a public opinion issue.

The security services stated that they had arrested the main suspect in the crime, in addition to 5 persons whose involvement was proven by the investigations. The sources said that there are 172 crimes in the main suspect’s record.

On the other hand, the Public Prosecutor at the Jordanian Criminal Court, Judge Ihssan Al-Salamat, decided today to prohibit the publication of any information or discussions related to the case or the course of the investigation, or to discuss the legal adaptation or the consequent punishment.

The Jordanian News Agency (Petra) stated today that the decision included a ban on publishing or re-publishing and circulating any photos or videos related to the case.

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