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The death of Dr. Abla Al-Kahlawi … the owner of the “good rest” is gone

The Egyptian preacher, Abla Al-Kahlawi, died hours ago after a weeks-long struggle with the Corona virus, who eventually managed to end the march of a woman who was described as not looking for the world and her constant pursuit of the good rest.

At the age of 72, “Mama Abla” passed away. This is how her name was called by everyone, despite her academic degrees and religious standing. Her most important title is the one that bestowed upon her the hearts of her lovers. She was the owner of the middle opinion, and religious soul and heart, she was good to walk on The land was one of the working scientists, as the Egyptian Dar Al Iftaa called it, where it combined the sciences of Sharia with knowledge and education, and charitable work, as it established one of the largest charitable societies in Egypt, which does a lot of good and righteous deeds.

We mourn with a heart satisfied with the judgment of God and his destiny, the Islamic preacher, Dr. Abla Al-Kahlawi, for she, may God have mercy on her, was one of the working scholars for …

Posted by Egyptian Dar Al Iftaa on Sunday, January 24, 2021

The Islamic preacher, Abla Al-Kahlawi, was born on December 15, 1948, and she is the daughter of the Egyptian artist Muhammad Al-Kahlawi, who retired from emotional singing and turned to religious chanting and Tawasheh. Mama Abla started her career in the university career as a professor of jurisprudence at the Faculty of Islamic Studies at Al-Azhar University, a study that she began in implementation of the wishes of her father, the retired artist.

In 1974, Al-Kahlawi obtained a master’s degree in comparative jurisprudence, then a doctorate in 1978 in the same specialty, then moved between several locations in the university corps, reaching the College of Education at the University of Riyadh, then the College for Girls at Al-Azhar University, then assumed the presidency Department of Sharia at the College of Education in Makkah.

Since 1987 Dr. Abla Al-Kahlawi began to offer daily religious lessons in the Holy Kaaba after the Maghrib prayer, dedicated to women, and these lessons continued for two years, until she returned to Cairo, and continued to give her lessons in the mosque of her father, Muhammad Al-Kahlawi, in the Al-Basateen area in Cairo, and her lectures were Focuses on the jurisprudential aspects and spiritual matters, and bringing religion closer to the common people.

Dr. Abla Al-Kahlawi presented several religious programs over many years, whether on Egyptian television or on many Arab stations, the last of which was the “Good Remains” program, which continued to be broadcast live on her personal Facebook page, after she was unable to go to the studios and lacked her movement. .

Dr. Abla Al-Kahlawi established a charitable association in Mokattam to care for orphans, the elderly and Alzheimer’s patients, under the name “Good Remains”. With the association, she created an integrated complex with a hospital, a residence, a hostel, a mosque, and a school, and weeks before her death, her appeal was to provide oxygen to the Corona patients who are caring for them. Her foundation is her passion, until her last self.

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