Home / news / The drug company Novartis is a big supplier of a drug called plaquenil (hydrocloroquine) the same drug that Trump has been pushing relentlessly. It’s important to also know that Novartis paid Michael Cohen $1.2 million in 2018 to have access to Trump.

The drug company Novartis is a big supplier of a drug called plaquenil (hydrocloroquine) the same drug that Trump has been pushing relentlessly. It’s important to also know that Novartis paid Michael Cohen $1.2 million in 2018 to have access to Trump.

The drug company Novartis is a big supplier of a drug called plaquenil (hydrocloroquine) the same drug that Trump has been pushing relentlessly. It’s important to also know that Novartis paid Michael Cohen $1.2 million in 2018 to have access to Trump.

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  1. Plaquenil is from Sanofi, not Novartis.

    It is just a brand name of hydro**xy**chloroquine, a cheap generic drug supplied by many drug companies (including Novartis, of course)

  2. Actual headline:

    “Trump is touting experimental drugs for COVID-19, saying they’re ‘not going to hurt’ people. But the drugs have severe side effects, and misuse has led to poisoning and even death.”

    I don’t like Trump either, but report this shit for breaking the rules.

  3. For the record, he isn’t pushing plaquenil, just hydroxychloroquine, which has no patent so anyone could make and sell it. If he was looking to make his buddy rich, wouldn’t he chose a drug that only they could produce?

  4. Novartis is literally one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies on Earth. It’s not really a stretch to think that this has little-to-nothing to do with Michael Cohen or paying for access.

    I have a Vanguard IRA and have an international index fund. One of the fund’s top ten holdings is Novartis so it’s not just one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies on Earth, it’s one of the biggest companies on Earth, period.

    OP and everyone upvoting this is going to tell me next week how they’re hording boxes full of Pepe Silvia.

  5. Thanks to trump, the US is one of the most corrupt 2nd world countries there are now.

  6. Someone take his microphone away.

    > While large trials are underway, however, there is no clinical evidence so far that proves these drugs are effective against COVID-19. And Trump’s assurance to Americans that the drugs come without serious risks comes contradicts medical experts who have warned against using the medications without a prescription, as they have been found to cause harmful side effects.

  7. There’s enough bad stuff going on without making up bad stuff.

    Business Insider is garbage btw, please never use it as a source.

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  9. Read the fucking article people.

  10. promoting your own merchandise in time of crisis, not cool.

  11. The corruption in this administration is a Yellowstone sized geyser of shit.

  12. Oh, you mean the stuff that costs about $5? And that can be produced by many other companies? Seriously? The fuck outta here.

  13. Elon Musk was pushing for it well before Trump.

    If it doesn’t work, Trump is going to tout whatever possible cure comes along next.

    It would be nice if we didn’t root against them all.

  14. Except this article makes no claims about the second half of your statement. Source?

    The people that have died did so by taking the wrong drug. It shouldn’t be surprising that there are stupid people in this world- hell how man people ate tide pods?

  15. Scientist here. Hydrocloroquine is not handled as a possible treatment aid because of lobbying, but because of several studies (e.g out of France and China) which show marginal improvement in early stage c19 patients.

    Don’t mind myself some Trump bashing but it’s super important to stick to the facts.

  16. That explains why shill Joe Kern has been pumping Novartis relentlessly on CNBC.

  17. Get out of here with that severely editorialized headline. Novartis isn’t even mentioned in the article.

  18. Trump is presumably also behind the French, Chinese, and Japanese scientists all suggesting this drug combination is a potential treatment? No?

    You folks are utterly obsessed with Trump – he is not responsible for everything.

  19. It’s a generic. Anyone can produce it. Take your Trump Derangement offline for a while, would ya? Jeez, some people. I see rich on-the-take Nancy Pelosi is already calling for another impeachment. What an assclown.

  20. The problem with hydrocloroquine is, it’s not confirmed, that it’s effective against corona. The groups within the trials were to small. Furthermore the drug has several side effects, like damage to the retina, kidney, it also interferes with tendon reflexes and the bone marrow.

  21. Fuck the political noise here. This red-team vs. blue team shit is pointless. Watch some football if that’s your level of interest.

    People are trying desperately to find and test a treatment. There are rumors floating around about prospective treatments and any administration would be wrong not to address the rumors publicly. Either way, any administration would be forced to chose to between caution (deny access) or optimism (allow experimentation on willing patients). Either way, the political noise addicts are going to find fault somewhere. And either way it’s pointless to allow the political angle here to get in the way. This is medicine, not politics, with a real question of medical bodily autonomy for willing participants who want to risk something to help science or at least better their odds in the face of hopelessness.

    FWIW, I share the opinion that medical experts need to complete trials to know if this is really effective or just wild speculation with damaging side effects before prescribing it to the masses. I just see no reason not to allow a person the choice for themselves.

    This is life and death – so let doctors run trials, let patients chose their fate if they are willing to accept the consequences, and stop turning this into a political topic. I really don’t give a fuck who comes out of this looking good or bad. Not even a little bit.

  22. I, for one, am shocked, SHOCKED I tells ya, that a lifelong grifter and conman is grifting!

  23. Ya nobody cares, you guys are going to elect him again.

  24. Why am I not surprised? I’m sure a lot of people are not because that’s just what he is, a criminal con-man who will take advantage of anything to make a buck. That’s all he cares about. All this Trump-supporting, Russia-loving, Republican traitor-turds, make me sad and sick.

  25. He’s Jude Law’s character from Contagion.

  26. Articles like this on are enough to cause people to go elsewhere for their world news.

  27. When every large drug company has contributed to lobbying efforts and tried to buy political influence, these articles don’t actually say much. Like, no shit the company behind a drug is somehow linked to the White House. Throw a dart at a board to pick a drug and you’ll be able to find a politician who was paid to back it.

  28. Downvoted for editorialized title

  29. Win! Trump fulfilling another campaign promise.

  30. There it is. Trump’s only interest is conflict of interest

  31. Profiting off of the deaths of US citizens he intentionally misinforms. He is the worst president in our nation’s history.

  32. Damn, that’s hella shady.. There’s bunch of shady stuff out there with legit sources about it that Trump does and yet there are still bunch of people, who likes him.

  33. This is stupid as fuck, fuck you OP. This is an extremely common medication

  34. He said “Drown in Swamp” not “Drain the Swamp”

  35. I don’t understand how they are putting so much faith in an unproven drug like this. What does this band of idiot think is going to happen? All this is doing is instilling confidence in his idiot base. They will go out and keep spreading or getting the virus. Even more reason for the sane to stay home.

  36. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-india-novartis-patent-idUSBRE93002I20130401

    Indian law bans firms from extending patents on their products by making slight changes to a compound, a practice known as “evergreening”. It’s same Novartis and many other companies do in the name of R&D, who loot the patients and pushing affordable price and make profit so that executives can go on trips

  37. Graft. We used to have laws against this shit.

  38. political lobbying will kill the people of murica.

    politicians selling themselves like whores to companies are parasites on the land of the free

  39. And it just follows, as night follows day, that Trump’s endorsement of one unproven treatment out of many is connected to his personal financial/ political benefit.

    And if it is ever determined that hydroxychloroquine is mostly or completely ineffective and that side effect risks outweigh potential benefits, then watch for Trump to re-tweet conspiracy theories that “Dems” bribed the scientists.

  40. Corruption is great with this one.

  41. I’ve been wondering what the connection was to make him push this drug as hard as he is.

    Pushing an unproven drug on a desperate population is reprehensible at least.

  42. I appreciate the info about the drug, but the headline talked of ties to trump, that’s what I wanted to read about.

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