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The Egyptian Federation rewards a referee who awarded a penalty kick after the final whistle .. What does the Football Law say?

The Egyptian Football Association announced that it had rewarded the referees of the Smouha match with Al-Masry in the Premier League after a “brave” penalty was awarded after the final whistle on Monday, and reactions to the referee’s decision, which we will legally clarify, have varied.

Referee Ahmed Al-Adawi announced the end of the match with a 1-1 draw, and as the players headed to leave the stadium, the video referee alerted him to the presence of a handball inside the penalty area against one of Smouha’s players.

After watching the shot on a screen outside the stadium, the referee awarded Al-Masry a penalty and sent the players back to resume the match.

But substitute Ahmed Rifaat missed an opportunity to grab the victory after goalkeeper El Hani Suleiman blocked the kick in the seventh minute of stoppage time.

The Egyptian Federation said today, Tuesday, that it agreed to the referees committee’s request to reward the referee, Ahmed Al-Adawi and Abbas Kabil, the video referee (Farr) and his assistant, Hamada Al-Qalawi, “for their courage in applying the law after the end of the match, and the referee resorted to video technology and calculated a correct penalty kick accordingly.”

“This comes within the framework of the Football Association’s keenness to encourage referees to implement justice in football stadiums through the implementation of the law,” he added.

Faraj Amer, president of Smouha Club, was not satisfied with the referee’s performance, and wrote on his Facebook page that the ball did not touch one of his players’ hands.

“Smouha players entered the dressing room, and in this case it is not legally permissible for the referee to summon them after entering the room, and this is for knowledge and knowledge for those who do not know.”

And because we do not have a picture or video in which we analyze the validity of the technical decision, we will stop with the situation legally by answering two questions: Does the referee have the right to change his decision after the final whistle and the players leave the stadium? Is it correct to implement a penalty kick after the end of the original time and goods for the match?

Article 5 of the Football Law “Referee” answers the first question, as it permits the referee to summon the two teams after the end of the game or game if he discovers that he has committed any mistake immediately before the final whistle on the advice of the two assistant referees or the video referee, provided that the final decision is a referee The arena, which was what happened in the match, where the referee Al-Far Ali Al-Adawi indicated that there was a mistake after he blew the final whistle and returned to the correct decision.

Here, a point is calculated for the referee and a point on it, the first is that he did not arrogant to admit his technical mistake and implement the decision of the mouse, but it is calculated that as long as there is doubt about any game inside the penalty area, it must be quenched before the end of the game or match and coordinate with the referee of the mouse.

As for the second question, Article 14 of the law answers the “penalty kick”, as it states that the penalty kick is the only case in the law that extends the match in order to be executed in the event of the end of the original time and goods, meaning that if the referee calculates a penalty kick in the last seconds of time instead of The lost must do it no matter how long it takes, but in this case the match or game ends by scoring a goal or leaving it outside the stadium or the goalkeeper or the players and the crossbar face it.

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