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The EU has voted overwhelmingly in favor of standardized charging

The EU has voted overwhelmingly in favor of standardized charging

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  1. Now they have to go after printer ink cartridges.

  2. Smartest, least wasteful, most convenient thing to do.

  3. Imagine agreeing on something good for all those involved.

    Must be nice

  4. Usb c is the way to go for everything

  5. For those wondering what the EU actually passed today, without the spin:

    1. Strongly stresses that there is an urgent need for EU regulatory action to reduce electronic waste, empower consumers to make sustainable choices, and allow them to fully participate in an efficient and well-functioning internal market;

    2. Calls on the Commission to present and publish without further delay the results of the impact assessment on the introduction of a common charger for mobile telephones and other compatible devices with a view to proposing mandatory provisions;

    3. Emphasises the need for a standard for a common charger for mobile radio equipment to be adopted as a matter of urgency in order to avoid further internal market fragmentation;

    4. Calls, therefore, on the Commission to take action to introduce the common charger without any further delay by adopting the delegated act supplementing Directive 2014/53/EU on radio equipment defining a standard for a common charger for mobile phones and other small and medium-sized radio equipment by July 2020, or, if necessary, by adopting a legislative measure by July 2020 at the latest;

    5. Points out that the Commission, without hampering innovation, should ensure that the legislative framework for a common charger will be scrutinised regularly in order to take into account technical progress; reiterates the importance of research and innovation in this domain to improve existing technologies and come up with new ones;

    6. Points out that the use of wireless charging technology entails additional potential benefits such as mitigating e-waste; highlights that many mobile telephones already use wireless charging methods and that fragmentation in this area should be avoided; calls, therefore, on the Commission to take measures to best ensure the interoperability of different wireless chargers with different mobile radio equipment;

    7. Recalls that in line with the Standardisation Regulation(3), European standardisation organisations must facilitate the participation of relevant stakeholders, which include, in this context, SME organisations, environmental organisations, people with disabilities, the elderly and consumers;

    8. Believes that the Commission should consider legislative initiatives to increase the volume of cables and chargers collected and recycled in the Member States;

    9. Urges the Commission to ensure that consumers are no longer obliged to buy new chargers with each new device, thereby reducing the volume of chargers produced per year; considers that decoupling strategies would allow for greater environmental benefits; stresses meanwhile that any measure aiming at decoupling should avoid potentially higher prices for consumers; underlines, furthermore, that decoupling strategies should be introduced with a common charger solution, as otherwise the aims of the directive would not be achieved;

    10. Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Council, the Commission and the governments and parliaments of the Member States.

  6. 50 dollar Apple adapter.,calling it.

  7. It sounds good, but what if a better charger comes out? How long does all of Europe have to wait for it? USB-C is pretty darn good though so maybe a non issue for 99% of people.

  8. I’m curious how this works in practice. When USB-C is outdated, what standard does everyone switch to? Or, is everyone required to be a member of the USB consortium and required to adopt whatever new standard they assign. Also, how frequently is the USB consortium allowed to change the charging standard to comply with the law and also allow technological progress?

  9. I live in the EU, and recently I’ve finished a job that involved putting out nearly 200 dual monitors on desks in an office in my town.

    I wish we could have either;

    1) one single cable for audio/video/(and ideally if possible) Power for a screen.


    2) when buying a monitor you are given the option to specify weather or not you need a monitor stand, or any one of the 4 different cable types they just throw in the boxes.

    I have installed the screens, but now I’m faced with an ungodly amount of unnecessary waste- over 1000 useless video cables (DVI/VGA/HDMI) as all we needed was the 1 display port. I also have 200 perfectly good but ultimately useless high quality monitor stands that are just going to go to recycling.

    I doesn’t sound like much but when you consider that this office was small, like 60 people, and then think about FB, or Google who employ thousands of staff then the waste becomes really noticeable.

  10. Why does this article try to assert that all non-iPhones use USB-C now. Cheaper phones often still use micro B. Intermediate phones might use USB-C on the phone but still use Qualcomm QC (USB A) for their included chargers.

    USB-C PD is rising fast, but a lot of lower end phones are not using it yet to save money.

  11. Ok, I want to get a better understanding on this. Haven’t read anything about this, but what could this mean for an iPhone user in the EU? Will they have to buy a new iPhone if Apple releases one with standard charging or will dongles be implemented?

  12. Wait that’s a thing?
    I thought a few guys just have there own chargers while most others use Micro USB/whatever needed/works

  13. Computer / Mobile device repair technician here.

    The Lightning port is the belly button of the mobile device world. The amount of fluff we are picking out of Lightning Ports is pretty insane. That being said you can at least get it out.

    USB type C same issue.. but because of the little blade in the middle of the oval socket. It is more difficult to fully pick the fluff from the socket. as there is less space, more exposed pins and the fluff it pinched each end by the central blade.

    People are also blowing up their chargers by plugging them into devices that draw far more amps than the charger is capable of delivering.. etc.

    in short. standardising the socket is well and good but the devices using it are so varied and joe public doesn’t know the difference.. this is partly why the variety exists in the first place.

  14. What are the chances they’ll create an another ‘standard’ altogether?

  15. Glad we got that out of the way. What else can we talk about to avoid climate change?

  16. Ok but why? I understand, none of us wants a cluttered wire drawer but why does this issue warrant multiple EU parliamentary hearings?

    Even before they made the standardization “recommendation” most android devices used MicroUSB or USB-C as a standard. This all just seems like overreach and a waste of time.

  17. Politicians proof once again they have no idea what they’re doing.

  18. It will definitely cut down on wasteful production…

  19. Apple is gonna go wireless charging only anyway so they don’t care

  20. it’s all goona be wireless anyway

  21. The image for this article triggers me.

  22. Nevermind apple the UK got your back! We’ll keep your awkward proprietary charger dream alive

  23. so what are we gonna do walk around with 150watt chargers for everything?

  24. So that’s why the UK left. Now it all makes sense.

  25. This seems like a good thing, but I wonder how it will affect the adoption of new technology.

    USB-C is great for now, but at some point it will have to be replaced. Is there any kind of process outlined for how that would happen, or does the whole industry have to get together and decide when it’s time to upgrade?

    It seems like it might have the effect of requiring all new formats to be backwards compatible, which might limit their functionality.

  26. This is a bad idea. Now all European phones will be behind in charging technology, because they will have to prove the technology prior to making it standard? Or am I wrong?

  27. First they took my crooked cucumbers, and now they go after my beloved cable diversity

  28. Great, I can’t wait to have some bureaucrat in Brussels dictating what kind of ports my electronic devices will have.

  29. Just wait for UK to come up with some barmy fucking pronged connector just to give EU the two finger salute.

  30. Meanwhile, the UK has decided that electricity is too European a concept, and is switching to candles and gaslights.

  31. Eli5: Why not let the market sort this out?

  32. Give me back my fucking aux port while we’re at it. Assholes

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