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The European Premier League … a new FIFA tournament that includes the major clubs that will change world football

“Sky” network reported today, Tuesday, that Manchester United and Liverpool are in talks with the biggest clubs in Europe to join a new tournament supported by FIFA that will change the face of football globally, with funding of up to 6 billion dollars.

Manchester United declined to comment for this report, and Liverpool did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Sky network quoted sources in the football industry – unnamed – as saying that more than 12 teams from the 5 largest European leagues in England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain are considering establishing the new tournament that will bear the name of the European Premier League with the hope of its launch by 2022.

The report added that funders hope to provide 6 billion dollars to launch the new tournament.

Sky network said that FIFA is working on completing the initial conceptualization of the tournament, in which 18 teams are expected to compete during the normal European season before entering the playoffs.

She added that the International Federation and the European Union (UEFA) did not comment on this news. Reuters contacted the two organizations for their comment.

The idea of ​​establishing the European Premier League championship had been floated for 20 years, but UEFA was vehemently opposed.

In December 2018, German magazine Der Spiegel, citing a leaked document, said it had discovered plans led by Real Madrid in conjunction with other major European clubs to establish a separate competition for the league.

After the issuance of this report, the European League Competitions Association, which represents 25 local competitions, including the English Premier League, the German Premier League, and the Spanish First Division, expressed its “strong opposition” to any such plan.

And Alexander Ceferin, president of the European Union, also strongly opposed the “Premier League Championship”.

UEFA is cooperating with the European Club Association, whose members include the largest clubs on the continent, to restructure the Champions League from 2024, although no concrete plans have emerged.

And in February 2019, Ceferin said that the “Super League” would not come to light as long as it was president of the European Union.

“This is not a promise, it is a reality,” he added.

The news comes on the heels of the leaks of the “Big Picture Project”, a proposal supported by Manchester United and Liverpool to bring about radical changes in English football, and a meeting of Premier League clubs rejected this proposal last week.

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