Home / news / The “excessive use” of solitary confinement by the prison service in the US prompted an independent UN human rights expert to voice alarm on Friday: “This deliberate infliction of severe mental pain or suffering may well amount to psychological torture”

The “excessive use” of solitary confinement by the prison service in the US prompted an independent UN human rights expert to voice alarm on Friday: “This deliberate infliction of severe mental pain or suffering may well amount to psychological torture”

The “excessive use” of solitary confinement by the prison service in the US prompted an independent UN human rights expert to voice alarm on Friday: “This deliberate infliction of severe mental pain or suffering may well amount to psychological torture”

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  1. The USA loves torture and violence.

  2. But I wonder why we have such high rates of recidivism…

  3. A privatized prison system build to punish und keep people being criminals instead of making the world a better place under a government that is more corrupt than a harddrive in a toaster does something wrong? How shocking!

  4. To me one of the issues is that people who decide to put someone in a solitary confinement bear no responsibility for it and there is no legal process.

    To put someone behind bars you need evidence of the crime, a court, a judge and they have a chance to defend. To put someone in a solitary confinement, which in my opinion is much worse, you don’t need any of this.

  5. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://news.un.org/en/story/2020/02/1058311) reduced by 85%. (I’m a bot)
    > The "Excessive use" of solitary confinement by the prison service in the US state of Connecticut, prompted an independent UN human rights expert to voice alarm on Friday.

    > These Rules set a minimum standard of UN rules that defines solitary confinement as "The confinement of prisoners for 22 hours or more a day without meaningful human contact.”

    > Solitary confinement may only be imposed in exceptional circumstances, and "Prolonged" solitary confinement of more than 15 consecutive days is regarded as a form of torture.

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  6. This is easy to do considering the general population views prisoners as less than human.

  7. The US legal and penal systems are all about punishment and retribution. That runs contrary to some other countries which push for rehabilitation. Those other countries ALL have a lower incarceration rate and recidivism rate than the US.

  8. No such thing as a “little bit” of torture or abuse… they deny Truth by pretending it’s even a debate.

  9. Half the country doesnt care because they are in prison.

  10. There are uses for solitary confinement for extremely violent inmates. However, take for example NY recently even allowed minors to be in solitary. That in my view is excessive.

  11. Yes it does, I was at a youth Camo called Naselle School, For Boys when I was 15 they put me in the “Box” for 20 days had to pound on the door to go to the bathroom 6×4 cell with a loud fan..Nasty shit to think of all you loife!

  12. We gave up rehabilitation decades ago. Pain and suffering, torture is the point now.

  13. This is old news. People have known for decades that it doesn’t work as a punishment and is nothing but torture.

  14. Canada had a “famous” prisoner who spent 4.5 years in solitary confinement (plexiglass cell with several other plexiglass cells surrounding him, and apparently he could play cards with the other inmates in “solitary”) because he was a danger not only to his fellow prisoners, but himself. It was deemed a violation of his human rights, and all charges against him were stayed and he was basically pardoned and set free. [(he had murdered a fellow prisoner at the corrections facility)](https://www.tbnewswatch.com/local-news/accused-in-first-degree-murder-case-makes-first-courtroom-appearance-391359)

    [Barely a month](https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-weeks-after-murder-trial-stayed-capay-faces-new-charge-of-sexual/) after he was released, he was back facing charges of sexually assaulting a woman with a knife during a home invasaion.

  15. Also beware the renaming and rebranding of this. They have “programs” that they put inmates on which are functionally identical to solitary confinement, but let them say things like “0 inmates in solitary confinement”

  16. How anyone is shocked that private for profit prisons were a bad idea is beyond me. Of course letting a company essentially have a collection of indentured servants was going to result in exploitation.

  17. There is no question about it: it DOES amount to torture.

  18. USA knows. USA don’t care.

  19. I’m from the Netherlands where solitary confinement can be used up to 14 days max. Longer is never required as most often it’s just a cooling down period.

    Amnesty International calls the practice downright torture.

    Numerous studies have shown removing every external stimulus for prolonged durations will break their psyche.

    Why America seems to use this so excessively and for such durations is beyond me.
    My best guess is that the idea of reform is long forgotten or given up on and the goal of prison is basically to keep people in for life.

  20. Am I the only person that would be okay left alone for long periods of time and having meals brought to me?

  21. May well amount to..?

    It’s torture. Just say it

  22. Are we really shocked that a country that openly has offshore torture facilities and legalized slavery if they are a prisoners with 25% of the worlds prison population is doing some morally reprehensible shit? That’s an intended feature, not a mistake.

  23. I wish that every 10 people who complain about solitary confinement were given a prisoner to take care of for a week. Let’s watch how well 10 people handle a raging psycho.

  24. Show me one guard or warden who cares.

  25. Should we reward those who are prosecuted? It’s bad enough that the population foots their dental, medical, entertainment, internet, (higher?) education, and other seemingly rewarding things. A free American has to fend for themselves. I’m a dick in this regard, but I stand by it.

  26. Damn right thats’s psychological torture.

  27. I unfortunately had to spend 24 hrs a couple years back. I was in the most minimum security “pod”. These are people who havent paid child support, non violent drug charges, etc.

    I asked when was outside rec time. I always assumed you got an hour a day. What they had was once a week, on rotation, they were allowed to go to a half court sized basketball court.

    There were no windows anywhere. These people were deprived of sunlight for their entire sentence. Some of the guys had been in there for years. NO SUNLIGHT

    Sunlight depravation is damaging physically, mentally, and arguably spiritually. I’ve never heard it discussed but this practice certainly seems cruel and unusual to me.

  28. I’ve only been to jail and I’m telling you straight up it’s mental and physical torture. In Jackson pike in Ohio i slept on a cold damp concrete floor for months being fed a hard boiled egg and 1 piece of bread in the morning and a scoop of whatever shit they gave us at night with a piece of white bread.

  29. And yet the UN won’t do anything about the one million Uyghur Muslims being held in concentration camps in China. America BAAAAAD.

  30. Prison guards should be put in solitary confinement themselves treated like the actual beasts they are. “They are just doing their job” if your job is keeping people locked up together while constantly dehumanizing them you are a piece of shit person.

  31. Better send McKinsey to the frontlines

  32. At the same time, isn’t putting someone in a cage with psychos also mental torture?

  33. 2 of my brothers are convicts. My middle brother is in High Desert, a level 4, that means like violent criminals.

    Umm theyre in solitary a lot actually. My oldest brother nick name in prison is Ice Pick, real talk smh. Theyre in solitary usually cause they shank people pretty regularly, its pretty regular there overall as well.

    To make a prison shank you take your deoderant and remove the deoderant. Then you grind the plastic part on the concrete till it heats up in that area and you can mold it. You can also take apart a chord and use the exposed ends to melt it apparently. But you shape it down then grind the tip to a point then you shove this thing up your own ass, your prison pocket. When you see whoever youre gonna shank you reach in there, pull it out, then use the shit covered shank to stab tf out of them. My brother said he went in solitaire once just to grow a beard because he seen a mark. Goes in, comes out with a beard, walks up to the guy and puts his arm over his shoulder like they were friends, then shanked dude like 50 times.

    They sometimes intentionally dont kill you too, they just stab tf out of someone and know the prison will save them if they kind of keep the stabbing in one area like the gut or ribs

  34. Prison system in the US in general should alarm Human Rights groups.. the US criminal justice system is far to biased, corrupted, and now days profitable.

    22% of the intire worlds prison population.

    Land of the free?

  35. I read an article once about Japan’s solitary confinement. If you’re on death row in Japan? You’re in solitary confinement with no information when you’re gonna die and zero outside communication. They just show up when it’s time and you’re taken to be killed.

    I don’t even want to imagine what it’s like just sitting there, knowing that any moment, that doors gonna open and you’re going to your death. Out side of that? I don’t think Japan even uses solitary confinement.

  36. I’ve heard from a guy that went to prison in Japan that it’s solitary for the whole sentence. Said he was basically in solitary confinement for 2 years. They don’t have nearly as many prisoners so I guess that makes it less bad.

  37. If you have ever been in solitary you know dam well it’s mental torture. I will definitely say it should still be implemented, but it should also have a time limit. Maybe 3 days max because sometimes people need to cool down . Any longer and they are not chilled out then whatever anger they have will still be there if not intensified. When in solidarity people will literally do things just to get out for a minute wether it’s hurt an officer with piss and shit or cut themselves. That brief bit out is welcomed no matter what the outcome.

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