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The Family: inside the sinister sect that has infected western democracy

The Household: contained in the sinister sect that has contaminated western democracy

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  1. I find it fascinating and bizarre how fundamentalist Evangelicals are able to align themselves with someone as morally suspect as Donald Trump.

    And by morally suspect I mean in what would be a Christian sense: sex with porn stars, multiple rape accusations, cheating on his wife, divorce, glorification of greed, materialism, lack of private or formal Christian religious observance, etc.

  2. They have successfully propagated the idea that Wealth and Power are Divine gifts to the worthy, and all excesses are their God given rights.

  3. Creepy watching Coe conflate Authoritarianism with the teaching of Jesus and no one challenging him.

    It’s nice to know the concept of prayer breakfasts had been spread across the world, especially in Russia.

    Great how NRA honeypot Butina got to attend a trump prayer breakfast before she was arrested.

    This series makes you understand it’s never been about religion, it’s about Power.

  4. Watched it a couple days ago, then saw the guy from South Carolina saying he might run against trump for the Republican nomination…. jesus doesn’t like trump in power

  5. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2019/aug/15/the-family-netflix-powerful-sinister-christian-sect-trump) reduced by 85%. (I’m a bot)
    > For decades, the Fellowship was overseen by the mysterious Doug Coe: a series of amusingly Zelig-esque photographs of him lurking smoothly behind US presidents and foreign leaders confirms Coe as the most powerful guy you never heard of.

    > The Family's focus on the Fellowship hides what is really a portrait of the whole "Christian" right wing in the US – as well as the type of man who has thoroughly infected western postwar politics.

    > Where does that disgust for integrity and accountability end? The Family concludes with an assessment of the limp, furious Trump as perhaps the ultimate Fellowship president, butting up against the biggest affront of all to those who feel born to rule: democracy itself.

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  6. These people need to be forcibly removed from our way of life.
    If you don’t think this is a fight for survival, you’ve been mentally, physically and spiritually hijacked just as they have.

    Unfortunately it is US verse THEM. And we will win, if we act quick enough.

  7. For a second I thought this was gonna be about Israel…

  8. People should prioritize presenting non-biased and sensationalized articles. When analyzing political movements or ideologies, a form of bias shouldn’t be apparent and visible.

  9. This seems like nonsense. Like yes, the evangelical Christians have become more politically mobilized since the 70’s(after Carter). I wouldn’t consider it a mafia like cult. Their organizational goals aren’t consistent enough. Like the mafia wanted power because that provided wealth and privilege for them specifically. The evangelicals want to use their wealth and privilege to get power. Power to apply Usually for scripture based nonsense like filling Israel with Jews to trigger the apocalypse and making sure women have as little autonomy over their lives as possible.

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