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The first Hollywood thriller film in the Iraqi dialect … Netflix sets a date for the showing of “Mosul” on its platform

The American company “Netflix” said that the Hollywood thriller “Mosul” will be shown on its giant platform next November.

The film was directed by Matthew Karnahan, and was co-executed by Iraqi director Muhammad Al-Darraji and others, and it is the first film to be shot entirely in Arabic, and in the Iraqi dialect specifically. To be the first international film to be executed in this way, and the film was shown at the Venice Film Festival last year.

The film “Mosul” centers on a special unit in the Iraqi forces that fought against ISIS between 2016 and 2017 to retake the city of Mosul (northern Iraq).

The producers of the work are the brothers Anthony and Joe Russo, the producers of the movie “Avengers – End Game”, which achieved legendary revenues when it was shown in the cinema, and they confirmed that they did not hesitate “for one second” to shoot the Mosul movie in the original Arabic language.

Joe Russo recounted that he was crying when he read a report in the American magazine “The New Yorker” about this unit consisting of officers who lost family members at the hands of ISIS.

He added, “I never read a newspaper article before crying out for me. The ordeal of this unity and all of Mosul’s residents made me shed tears … and it was necessary to preserve the authenticity of the story as much as possible,” and emphasized, “We had no other choice.”

While Hollywood is often accused of distorting and denigrating Arabs, the filmmakers hope that this film will become a turning point in the way Arabs are shown on cinema screens.

The Iraqi director, Muhammad Al-Darraji, who took over the executive production of this film, praised this step, and said, “It has never been possible to present an Arabic story of such a positive character,” expressing his hope that “this step will pave the way for other Hollywood films about the Arab world and the Middle East.” “. He stressed that, “Unfortunately, it presented a bad image of us for a long time, and I personally suffered from that.”

For his part, American Matthew Michael Carnahan revealed that he had required shooting the film in Arabic to agree to direct it, and he was surprised by the quick approval that it received from the Rousseau brothers.

Four months after Mosul was retaken from ISIS in December 2017, filming began secretly in Morocco for security reasons, with a crew made almost entirely of Iraqis.

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