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The game series … the dose of automatic laughter that the audience does not want to end

Over the past weeks, the game series has been the daily dose of happiness that fans have been waiting for

High viewing rates are issued to search engines on social media platforms. This was the case for the series “The Game 2: Level the Monster” throughout the previous days and until its end, as viewers competed with each other to decipher the ambiguity of the “game”.

And now, after the end of the second season, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief, on the one hand the audience knew the unknown person behind what was happening, and on the other hand dissipated their feeling of regret over the end of the work, which became their daily schedule with a pure dose of delicious laughter, as soon as the third season was announced soon.

The events of this season take place in a framework of comedic adventures, after the previous part ended with the victory of Wasim and Mazo over Samir, their old childhood friend, who turned out to be the one in control of everything that happened from the beginning. Both of them decided not to play again, due to the psychological loss that this caused them and the loss in the level of social relations.

However, the game chases the two heroes’ wives and tempts them to play, and when Wasim and Mazu finds out what has gone hidden, they return to play again, and the daily competition between the two opposing teams continues.

Was Rania Youssef a successful addition?

This season came from the championship of Chico and Hisham Majed and directed by Moataz Al-Touni. How to give his viewers a special flavor.

As for the biggest surprise, Rania Youssef joined the crew, as she was completely far from comedy, as her presence, as much as it was a distinct and intended feminine look, allowed the addition of a dramatic line that was a cornerstone of new events. However, there are those who found that it was a bad choice, due to her lack of lightness, which made her appear abnormal within the herd.

Since the work is based on situation comedy most of the time; In fact, the “banter” that the heroes throw from time to time on her freshness was a product of events. The makers of the work were able to use that intelligently, by making the dose of comedy allocated to Rania Youssef based on funny situations, while the rest of the heroes support it with their jokes.

The public demands many seasons

In general, those who follow multi-season foreign business know that it is normal for big stars to appear between one season and another, or during some episodes. On the one hand, to renew and allow different dramatic lines to be drawn, and on the other hand to increase the popularity of the work and gain the audience of this star. Consequently, viewers should become accustomed to the idea, and accept the possibility of it being repeated by other stars in the coming seasons.

A step forward or backward?

Usually audiences who watch series with parts tend to compare the strength of the seasons with each other, so have the heroes and the writers succeeded in fulfilling their promise that this season will come more coherent, interesting and funnier?

Those who watch the first season of the series will realize that although it is not without good jokes and comic situations; However, some of the heroes were not as light as they were usual, such as Ahmed Fathy, and the audience did not like the violence of Mai Kassab’s personality, her constant emotion and her annoying voice.

While the episodes were not interconnected, which made some people bored, and made the majority like the first half of the series more than the second half.

As for this season, it seems that the makers of the series learned from their mistakes, and took the audience’s remarks into account, so the character of Mai Kassab came more calm and fun, and Ahmed Fathi also succeeded in raising the level of the rest of the crew in terms of laughing.

With regard to interconnectedness, the presence of Rania Youssef’s character was the factor that created a motive for everything that was going on and caused the coherence of the dramatic narration Rather, he made the work take on an exciting character, in light of the division of the audience into two teams, between fans of Mazu and those who want to win for “Wasim” in the hope that he will collect the money necessary for the divorce of “Nasreen”.

But despite the aforementioned positives; However, this does not negate the fact that the challenges were not of equal strength, whether at the level of writing, posturing, or even comedy. As some of the episodes rose to the throne closest to the heart of the audience, such as the episode that included the challenge of not laughing for 24 hours, or the one in which each hero had to compete with the other depending on the opponent’s team.

Who is the “game”?

This is the question that preoccupied the viewers of the series as they approached the end, and unlike last season, which no one expected its end, this time several expectations appeared, ranging between the game itself being Rania Youssef, who appeared in the life of the heroes suddenly and in mysterious circumstances. .

Or that the actress Nisreen Amin is the game after what she shared with Chico on his Instagram page a few days ago, and the last expectation came from the share of here Zahid, as she is the wife of the star Ahmed Fahmy, who presented the same role in the last part, and it would be funny that she came to avenge .

What no one expected was that the game would be a man this time as well, despite the fact that the ending seems very naive and superficial; However, in the last scene of the makers ’announcement of a third season entitled” Playing with the Big Boys “, the audience is willing to forgive them for anything as long as they spend their night happy and happy while awaiting a new season full of laughter.

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