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The growing polarization in the United States is an indication of the crisis of American democracy

The threat to American democracy is real, even if the legal measures lead to the removal of President Donald Trump, because the crisis of increasing polarization in it, which the president is a symptom of, will remain.

It was responded In an editorial According to the British newspaper The Guardian, in which it said that tribalism in the United States has become a crippling virus in the American political body, which has led to the division of the public arena into two parts.

She noted that citizens are using social media, which has come under new scrutiny recently, to preserve alternative conflicting facts, as 3 out of 4 Republican voters still believed there was widespread voter fraud in November, despite the nearly verdicts of 100 judges to the contrary.

As convictions about the impartiality of public institutions decline, studies have shown a disturbing rise in the number of Americans, left and right, who believe that political violence is sometimes justified.

And against this bleak background, she said, the subject of Biden’s inauguration speech would be “United America,” and it seems likely that the handover will take place in light of measures to isolate his predecessor and a large military presence. The message of healing for the new president will be the right one, and making it heard will be the primary challenge of his long political life.

She commented that this scene should belong to a worthwhile drama on Netflix during the shutdown. Instead, it is the wretched reality of America.

The British newspaper adds that last week’s riots were not a one-off play that got out of hand. Rather, the arena of attack on democracy has been going on for months. In the fall, Trump spoke more like a gangster than a president, and told the new fascist movement “Proud Boys” to “prepare.”

The Guardian continues that Trump warned after that that the Democratic Party would try to “steal” the elections, stressing that the violent chaos that took place last week, which led to the death of 5 people, was the culmination of a strategy of intimidating and discrediting democratic institutions in the country he leads.

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