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The identities were varied and the suffering was the same .. Learn about the suffering of the Palestinians and their struggle for survival

There are many cards and IDs for Palestinians, and their various colors and shapes determine their way of life. Some of them cannot obtain medical insurance, a driver’s license, or even a work permit, and have difficulty traveling and moving.

The episode (9/28/2020) of the program “For The Story of the Rest” monitored the suffering of Palestinians who carry multiple identities, which have turned their lives into an unbearable hell. These identities vary between multi-colored Israeli, Egyptian or Jordanian, and even those affiliated with the Palestinian Authority. In all of these identities is suffering.

Israel granted the Palestinians whose lands it occupied in 1948 a blue identity and an Israeli passport. It also granted Palestinians whose lands it occupied in 1967 a blue identity as a permanent residence, but without the Israeli passport or citizenship rights. As for the residents of the Gaza Strip, it gave them a scarlet identity, and the residents of the West Bank have an orange identity the color.

And after the 1993 Oslo Agreement and the formation of the Palestinian Authority, the authority issued green IDs and Palestinian passports for residents of the West Bank and Gaza Strip only, and green hobbies cannot reach Jerusalem or tour its towns, as is the case with those who possess travel documents from Arab countries, except with a permit Private and in exceptional cases.

Egypt issued a document called the “Egyptian Document”, which is a passport that Egypt issued to Palestinian refugees on its territory during the period between 1948 and 1967 in order to enable them to travel. The document is divided into four categories according to the years of their asylum in Egypt.

A resident of Jerusalem without a blue ID, Tayseer Al-Asmar, talks about his suffering in entering and leaving his home every day, and explains the moments of fear that his children experience when the Israeli occupation forces stop him in search of identity.

Uday Lustman, the attorney assigned to the Tayseer case, spoke about his suffering and his constant exposure to the risk of arrest, and how he is fighting his battle against the Israeli Ministry of Interior to win the case and obtain his right to live and live in the city of Jerusalem.

Representative in the Israeli Knesset, Ahmed Al-Tibi, narrated the suffering of families living in one house, especially if the spouses were from two different places without obtaining a permit from the Occupation’s Interior Ministry, which sets extremely difficult conditions and prevents the granting of such permits.

He added that Israel admits that it is imposing these measures in order to eliminate the right of return for the Palestinians, and after the court rejected these excuses, the Israeli authorities resorted to using pretexts to prevent terrorism.

As for the two attorneys, Renad and Rafiq, their family has another status because Renad has a green identity while her husband Rafiq carries a blue identity. Their suffering is embodied in the constant scrutiny by the occupation authorities in their papers, and it also prevents them from leaving the same border crossing if they decide to go out for vacation, and behave all One of them is a separate route from the other to reach Jordan, and from there to travel to the rest of the world.

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