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The Israeli occupation launches raids on Hamas sites in the Gaza Strip

The Israeli occupation warplanes launched a series of raids against Hamas sites in the Gaza Strip, without causing any civilian casualties.

The Israeli army spokesman said that the bombing, which came in response to the firing of shells from the Gaza Strip towards the settlements adjacent to it, targeted Hamas targets, including a site for producing missile weapons, hidden underground infrastructure, and a camp for the Hamas naval forces, according to the Israeli spokesman.

Witnesses told Reuters that the attacks hit targets in Gaza City and the cities of Rafah and Khan Younis in southern Gaza Strip, where he was seen in flames and columns of smoke rising from some sites.

The Israeli army announced late on Saturday night that it had detected a rocket-propelled grenade launch from the Gaza Strip.

Israeli army spokesman Avichai Adraei said that the alarms were activated in Ashkelon, south of Tel Aviv, after a rocket-propelled grenade was launched from the Gaza Strip towards Israel.

According to the private Israeli Channel 13, the missile – which no party has claimed responsibility for launching it – fell in an open area, without causing any casualties or damage. However, the occupation army said in a statement that Hamas “is responsible for all the events that take place in the Gaza Strip and exits.” From him, “vowing to download the consequences of that.

This tension comes a week after the occupation army launched raids on sites and monitoring points tracking the resistance in separate areas of the Gaza Strip, after it said that the air defense system (Iron Dome) confronted two missiles fired at dawn last Sunday from the Strip, and one of them reached the south of Tel Aviv.

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