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The killing of Regeni … Rome accuses Egyptian security personnel, and Cairo holds back and closes the case

The Egyptian Public Prosecution said that a gang was behind the killing of the Italian doctoral student Giulio Regeni in Egypt in 2016, expressing reservations about the suspicion of her Italian counterpart in the involvement of 5 members of the Egyptian security services in the incident.

A statement by the Egyptian Public Prosecutor said that the authorities will temporarily close the investigation file, while mandating the search and investigation authorities to follow up on taking all necessary measures to reach the perpetrators of the crime, explaining that the statement was issued jointly with the Italian authorities.

The statement added that the “Prosecutor of the Republic in Rome” announced its intention to end investigations into the incident on suspicion of 5 individuals belonging to security services, with their individual actions, without any connection to any Egyptian governmental bodies or institutions.

He explained that the Egyptian Public Prosecution Office, despite its awareness of and appreciation of the Italian legal procedures, is completely wary of this suspicion and does not support it. Considering that it is not based on firm evidence, and confirms its understanding of the independent decisions that will be taken by the Prosecutor of the Republic in Rome.

The Egyptian prosecution announced that it had found firm evidence that gang members committed the stealing of the belongings of the student who was subjected to duress, and this was confirmed by the testimonies of some witnesses.

In addition, the investigations of the Egyptian Prosecutor’s Office proved that the formation committed similar crimes, among whom were foreigners. Among them is another Italian person who is not Regeni, noting that they used in committing their crimes forged documents attributing them to an Egyptian security agency.

The statement said that the two parties expressed their commitment to continuing judicial cooperation between them, and to provide all information that is reached regarding the incident to reveal the truth.

On the other hand, a statement issued by Regeni’s family said that the meeting that took place today between the Italian public prosecutor and his Egyptian counterpart is part of a series of “fruitless” meetings, and that the family over the past years has suffered “wounds and outrage due to the actions of the Egyptian side.”

She added that it was not enough to kill him, but rather to discredit him, adding all this to the “impudence” of the Egyptian MP today in questioning the results of the Italian investigations.

The Egyptian police announced the killing of 5 individuals on March 25, 2016, and officially accused them of kidnapping and killing Regeni, and the police said at the time that they were keen to arrest them, but they initiated the shooting, and responded to them. Killing them all.

The body of the Italian student Regeni was found on the third of February 2016 after his disappearance for more than a week, and the case angered the Italian side, who demanded that the circumstances of this crime be revealed and those involved in the kidnapping and murder are arrested.

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