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The last of them is Mbappe, Neymar and Haaland .. why do world sports stars prefer treatment at Aspetar?

After world sports stars used to go for treatment in Europe, especially Germany, Aspetar Hospital in the Qatari capital, Doha, became the best choice for many who preferred treatment and rehabilitation there, the last of which was Erling Haaland, the scorer of Borussia Dortmund Erling Haaland.

Haaland completed his rehabilitation treatment at Aspetar on Tuesday, after undergoing an intensive period of treatment and rehabilitation under the supervision of the hospital’s experts.

“Aspetar’s facilities are excellent and so are the doctors. I have recovered from my injury and I look forward to playing matches with my team soon,” the player said.

Aspetar gained a global reputation and was counted as one of the best sports medicine hospitals in the world, after becoming the ideal destination for sports treatment and rehabilitation for the most prominent football stars, including the stars of the 2018 World Cup-winning French national team: Kylian Mbappe, Othman Dembele and Samuel Umtiti, in addition to the Brazilian national team star Neymar.

It is also among the 9 hospitals in the world that combine the accreditation of the International Olympic Committee and the International Federation of Football Association “FIFA” and the only one in the Arab region that enjoys this honor.

The CEO of the hospital, Dr. Abdulaziz Jaham Al-Kuwari, said to Al-Jazeera Net, “The impressions of sports stars and all those who were treated at Aspetar confirm the status of this hospital, as many European leagues and sports celebrities in general praise the hospital and the level of treatment in it.”

“When we talk about Aspetar as a global medical institution that attains the confidence of the sports community, we start from the reality we live in. In terms of the competencies working in this institution, they are modestly among the best in the global medical arena, whether in terms of scientific training or field experience. Visits and treatment requests from some international sports stars confirm that we are far ahead in implementing our development plan and confirming our global leadership. “

Al-Kuwari explained, “Our mission in Aspetar is to help athletes reach the highest levels of performance. Post-treatment period. “

He affirms that one of Aspetar’s most important distinguishing points is the availability of all the disciplines that an athlete needs under one roof, and it is rare for you to obtain this to include diagnostic and therapeutic services, surgery, physical rehabilitation, sports science, psychological support, nutrition, and many others.

Aspetar is also very keen on the confidentiality of all information about its clients, so that the hospital does not announce the treatment of any star without his prior approval, as some clubs, including Bayern Munich, prefer not to announce the names of their injured players who are being treated in Doha.

The hospital has a medical partnership with the French team, Paris Saint-Germain, as well as with the Algerian national team 11 years ago, as it received many “Greens” stars for treatment, headed by Manchester City striker Riyad Mahrez, and Aspetar sends doctors to help the Algerian national team.

The matter is not only at the Arab level, as the Greens turned African champions for treatment in Aspetar instead of Europe and Germany, but extended to include most Arab countries, including Morocco, where former Juventus and current Al Duhail defender Mahdi Bin Attia were treated in them.

Egypt also sent many of its most prominent stars for treatment at Aspetar, including the legend of Al-Ahly and the national team, Mohamed Abu Trika, and the dean of the world players Ahmed Hassan, Amr Zaki, Sayed Moawad, and Mohamed Abdel Shafi.

The Ivorian star and former Chelsea legend Didier Drogba was treated at Aspetar, and recently the Liverpool player and the Guinean national team, Nabi Keita, underwent treatment at this hospital, in addition to his Reds colleagues Henderson and Adam Lallana, who has now moved to Brighton.

Aspetar has also supervised the treatment of most international sports stars in various games, including tennis, who participate in the tournaments organized by Doha, including but not limited to Rafael Nadal, Djokovic, in addition to Serena Williams.

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