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The last of them is Trump … leaders of major countries have played down the danger of Corona, so the virus infected them and invaded their countries

The American “Vox” website said that President Donald Trump joined a growing list of leaders who played down the danger of the “Covid 19” virus or mishandled it, and became symbols of failed policies towards the epidemic.

The site published a report It is reported that the countries led by these leaders are the countries in which the epidemic has spread the most and have recorded the highest numbers of injuries and deaths in the world, because public health messages in them are confused and confused for the public.

The site dealt with what happened to Trump, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as symbols of the leaders who downplayed the importance of the virus and were infected with it, and followed the details of this and the impact of their personal injuries on their policies to confront the epidemic and whether they changed these policies because of their injuries.

He said that the United States failed to contain the spread of the virus and topped the world in both the number of infections and deaths, and its president was underestimating the epidemic early on, and deliberately misled the public, and as he admitted to journalist Bob Woodward, he acted against his government’s guidelines, and encouraged states to reopen Its doors prematurely, has been indifferent to wearing masks, and has hosted large gatherings in recent weeks that violate state restrictions.

Magical thinking

The site described Trump’s thinking as a “magical thinking” when he announced that his country would overcome the virus, and that it would disappear without interference and restrictions, and that the increasing number of cases was a result of the many tests.

He added that it is difficult to make comparisons between countries, but the elements of this “magic thinking” are shared by some populist Trump counterparts abroad and authoritarian leaders in places like Brazil, Iran and Belarus who have reduced the spread of the virus.

In Brazil, Bolsonaro played down the epidemic, and he was hit last July when his country recorded the second largest number of cases and deaths after the United States.

Bolsonaro strongly denied – perhaps more than any other leader – the threat of the virus, calling it “influenza.” In late March, he said, “We will all die someday.” He opposed state rulers’ decisions to impose lockdown measures, attended anti-lockdown protests, met his supporters without wearing a mask, and pushed for businesses to reopen despite the growing outbreak, and the two health ministers lost – One was fired, the other one resigned – during a public health emergency.

Bolsonaro supported the use of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, the two controversial anti-malarial drugs, despite the lack of good scientific evidence for their effectiveness in treating Covid-19, and attributed his recovery to these two drugs.

Confused health messages from leaders and state actors confuse the public (Getty Images)

Bolsonaro is a false populist

Bolsonaro spent the three weeks in isolation, with seeming minor symptoms, and announced at the end of July that he had recovered from the infection, and his seemingly mild condition helped fuel his rhetoric underestimating the virus and saying it was just something that had been manipulated by the media. And he strengthened his image among the supporters that he was a strong man who easily defeated the virus that everyone was afraid of.

However, as in the United States, Bolsonaro’s notoriety for lying makes his statements hard to believe. Soon after recovering, he claimed that he was taking antibiotics for his “idle lungs,” and blamed him for inactivity during his isolation.

The Brazilian president has not changed his approach to dealing with the epidemic after contracting the virus, and he still gives priority to the economy over public health measures, despite the fact that the course of the epidemic has not changed and has claimed more than 140,000 lives, which is second only to the United States.

Johnson changed after he was injured

As for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson – and after he showed no concern about the epidemic and took lenient policies – he returned changed after his injury and changed his tone, but the big failures of his government at the beginning made it difficult to overcome these problems.

Britain still has the highest number of deaths in all of Europe, and it is also facing a dramatic recession that could get worse if Johnson does not reach an agreement on Brexit, and it may not happen to him given the way he blew the Brexit talks. “.

Fox: Iran’s leaders concealed information from the public about the virus despite their early knowledge of the epidemic and turned their country into a focus for Corona (Iranian press)

Iran and Belarus

In its review of the policies created by these leaders and that led to the difficulty of controlling the epidemic, the Fox website indicated that Iran’s leaders hid information from the public about the virus, stressing that they knew of the epidemic early on, but they resisted informing the public or taking measures, and turned their country into a focus for the epidemic, and it fell Senior clerics and government ministers fell ill.

Also, he said that the Belarus dictator Alexander Lukashenko played down the virus, describing it as a “psychotic” mental illness that could be cured with sauna and vodka.

The site commented that downplaying the epidemic is not surprising in authoritarian countries, where information is subject to tight control and officials are not held accountable to a large extent before the public. The media and even institutions.

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