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The liquidation of 113 civilians, including 36 children and 6 women, in Syria

The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) said that extrajudicial killings claimed 113 civilians in Syria last January, including 36 children and 6 women.

The network also spoke – in a report – about the death of 3 civilians during the same period due to torture, all of them at the hands of the Syrian regime.

It indicated that 18 civilians were killed by mines, including 16 children. He pointed out that there is great difficulty in determining the party that planted mines, due to the multiplicity of forces that controlled the areas where these explosions occurred. Therefore, the report does not attribute the vast majority of mine victims to a specific destination.

According to the report, this is an indication that none of the controlling forces has made any significant efforts in the process of removing mines, or trying to uncover their locations, fencing them, and warn the local population of them.

According to the report, the evidence gathered indicates that the attacks were directed against civilians and civilian objects, and the Syrian-Russian alliance forces committed a variety of crimes, from extrajudicial killings, to arrest, torture and enforced disappearance, and their attacks and indiscriminate bombings caused the destruction of facilities and buildings. The report indicated that there are reasonable grounds to believe that the war crime of attacking civilians has been committed in many cases.

The report considered that the Syrian regime is mainly responsible for the deaths of Syrian citizens due to the Covid-19 pandemic, indicating that it and its Russian ally are mainly accused of bombing and destroying most medical centers in Syria, and of killing hundreds of medical teams and forcibly hiding dozens of them, explaining that about 3,327 medical teams They are still under arrest or enforced disappearance by the Syrian regime, according to the Syrian Network for Human Rights database.

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