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The living room is the family space par excellence … How to make it convenient and comfortable?

It is the family space par excellence; Living rooms – in which we often receive only the closest close ones – we return to in the fall to become the permanent place for almost everything: class, family discussions, watching TV, working, sometimes eating, or at least crackers. How can we make it convenient and comfortable for the family?

Interior engineer Pascal Harb – who believes that places should bring a sense of security to their inhabitants – says to Al-Jazeera Net that this fall semester – after the feelings of frustration caused by stone – must play a starring role in interior engineering. To be the first thing that brings comfort, considering that proportionality between space, need, feeling, aesthetics and capabilities must be secured in a proper way.

Pascal Harb: Some consider autumn the end, but it has another side, which is the beginning and renewal (Al-Jazeera)

Autumn mood inside

Some regard autumn as the end, Pascal says, but it has another aspect: the beginning and renewal. It considers that the psychological factor plays a big role in the place, and if the place is designed in a way that suits the population, then it adds energy, joy and comfort.

Some – according to her – love to look out of the window and see the rain, and the sound of the wind makes them happy, so they spend their time next to her. Here, she recommends that the vision be comfortable, the curtains have a transparent layer, and the seats are placed close to the window and the views to enjoy the view outside.

Shelves full of books motivate family members to study and work (Pixabay)

Books, toys and music

Pascal says that we can think of the children’s play area in the living room, and we find that the multiple use of accessories reduces the crowding of the place with furniture, especially as family members meet more in this common room, as it is a private and public space at the same time, so we must think about not impeding anyone’s movement. .

She points out that filling the shelves with books motivates children to study, and parents to work, and that having a fireplace is also beneficial on the psychological level to feel warm and safe.

As for the paintings, they play the role of opening other horizons for the silent walls, adding an element of imagination to get out of the rigidity of the place.

Pascal finds that adding an instrument to the decor like a piano, as well as using it; It is ideal for the fall semester.

Avoid too much gray, and go for natural daylight as much as possible (Pixabay)

Fabrics give warmth

This fall season imposes – according to Pascal – its thick fabrics that warm the place, and do not damage with frequent use, the living room being the most used place in this season and winter season, and you find that adding fur, wool and multiple layers of fabrics adds beauty and reflects warmth.

She says that the brown color in its shades is suitable for autumn lovers, as well as earthy and woody colors, ribbed fabrics, large patterns, and uniform colors such as brick, for example.

Isolation from the outside

As for those who do not like this separation, he can – according to Pascal – use thick curtains to isolate him from what is happening outside, and it is possible to use accessories in bright colors and ornate, in addition to the multiplication of plants.

As for the colors that you recommend for this group of people, they are beige with green or blue, turquoise or dark fuchsia, while staying away from gray, which adds a vacuum to the emotions, and has a negative reflection in terms of emotion.

And this category that does not like autumn can adopt yellow, light orange and purple, and put large paintings, geometric patterns, large flowers, and small cubes.

Using yellow and green with plants is appropriate in the fall season (Pixabay)

Wallpaper and carpet

Pascal says wallpaper is making a comeback in order to transform the space faster and more easily. And it is considered that it is better to stay away in the fall from bright colors to maintain calm, and to go to fixed colors with large patterns, to be in harmony with the furniture, carpets and curtains.

Carpets can be small pieces if the heater is present, and a large rug can be placed for more warmth over the entire area of ​​the room, and leather and fur can be added to carpets, sofas and even walls.

And it is considered that the seats in the living room should be spacious, surrounded by large and many pillows, where more than one person can sit on them, and comfortable individual seats can be added as well.

Energy specialist Jessica Khadida: Small “feng shui” adjustments give big results (Al-Jazeera)

Fall energy

Energy and feng shui expert Jessica Khadida says that the internal environment must be balanced with nature and seasonal changes, and she considers that small feng shui adjustments (harmony with the environment for the flow of energy) give great results.

As the weather approaches and spend more time indoors, Jessica recommends removing the items and clutter that we don’t need from the closet and pantry and moving on.

As for how to get rid of things, you start by measuring your reaction and feelings when looking at something. If it gives you happiness, then it will add positive energy to your home, and if you do not care about it, it will be stagnant energy and it is better to get rid of it.

And dry summer flowers and herbs should be removed from the garden and inside because they are stagnant energy, and a bowl of fresh fruits such as red apples should be placed on the kitchen table or living room table instead of being empty in a sign of abundance.

And it is necessary – according to Jessica – to open the windows every day, even if the weather is cold, to enter new energy.

Candles warm the place and the fruits are a sign of abundance (pixabay)

Candle energy

As for the colors, Jessica chooses earthy décor accessories like yellow and beige, and fiery orange, coral, red and brick.

Candles are considered to be a very clear representation of the element of fire in feng shui, and they are the perfect addition known for their ability to relieve stress and bring warm energy into your home.

Large and comfortable seats give comfort and peace to family members (Pixabay)

Lighting adjustment

As for lighting, she points out that this year is different because of Corona, as work and study from home, and prefers the lighting to be in warm color rather than white, and to hang lamps on the walls of the house and leave the tables free to use.

And it is better to make adjustments that bring more light to simulate natural daylight, and it is good in the rooms to rearrange the furniture, and you can bring the sofa closer to the window, or change the location of the lamp on the table.

Jessica recommends maintaining live lighting, warming the floor in the room, caring for indoor plants, and renewing the space.

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