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The longest detention period .. Prisoner Barghouti will complete 41 years in Israeli prisons

The Palestinian Prisoners Club said that the prisoner Nael Barghouti will complete his 41st year in the Israeli occupation prisons by the 20th of this month, indicating that it is the longest period of detention spent by a Palestinian detainee in prison.

The captive Barghouti is 63 years old, of which he spent 34 years continuously in prison since 1978, then he was released in 2011 as part of the Shalit deal, and then the occupation re-arrested him in 2014, and he was sentenced to 30 months in prison.

Al-Barghouti was born in the village of Kobar, Ramallah district, on October 23, 1957, and when he was arrested for the first time, he was 19 years old at the time, and he was sentenced to life imprisonment, and the occupation authorities refused to release him despite the passage of many exchange deals and releases that took place in Framework for negotiations, according to the statement.

Al-Asir Club added that during the years of his detention, Barghouti lost his parents, and many generations passed and many historical events passed on the Palestinian arena.

After his release in the exchange deal in 2011, the Barghouti detainee married the freed detainee Aman Nafeh, until he was re-arrested in 2014.

He was sentenced to a 30-month sentence, and after completing his sentence, the occupation restored his previous sentence, which is life, along with dozens of editors of the prisoner exchange deal, who were returned to their previous sentences, most of whom are serving life sentences.

During her last visit to one of the occupation’s prisons, Aman Nafeh, Barghouti’s wife, conveyed a message in which he said that if there was a free world as they claim, I would not have remained in captivity for 41 years.

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