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The luxury of gypsum board decoration .. A modern style with aesthetic touches for home ceiling designs

The modern designs in decor, which are made using gypsum board, have won the admiration of many because of their varied and wonderful shapes.

Gypsum board is considered one of the best and most common materials for designing ceiling decorations in homes, as it is manufactured in the form of panels, processed and manufactured in different sizes to suit all ceilings, and gives a wonderful touch to the interior decoration of homes, where the lighting units are installed inside, to obtain distinctive and dim lighting in Place, and in different colors.

But what are the advantages and disadvantages of gypsum board decorations, are they practical, and how do we employ them with home decor to be elegant?

All the answers to these questions were with the decorator Noha Zain El Din, who met with Al Jazeera Net, to provide the most important tips and features for modern gypsum board decorations.

Nuha found that gypsum boards are gypsum boards made of a mixture of gypsum, fiberglass and silicone, which are manufactured to become suspended gypsum ceilings.

Gypsum board decor is used to decorate the ceilings and walls of bedrooms and kitchens as an alternative to borrowed ceilings, and it is a German technique of origin and branches out to several types, and the following are the most important:

Lighting is one of the important things that generally affect the look of your decor (Pixabay)

Gypsum board against fire and moisture

This type of gypsum board contains silicone and fiberglass, which in turn give the gypsum core inside the durability and strength, and this type of gypsum board is covered with a layer of green treated cardboard, and is considered one of the best types of gypsum board, and this type is used in the places where it is Humidity levels are high, such as in kitchens and bathrooms.

Gypsum board for regular walls

This type of gypsum board consists of a layer of treated cardboard known in white or ivory color with one face, to be ready for painting, and the second face is gray in color, and this type is used in all interior work and gypsum board decorations on the walls, but it is advised not to use this type in kitchens And bathrooms and places with high humidity.

Fire resistant gypsum board

This type of gypsum board is used in the ceilings and walls, and it is covered from the outside with a layer of cardboard, and it differs from the regular gypsum board in that it has a red side, and it is heat and fire resistant, and this type is more expensive than the regular gypsum board.

Gypsum board decoration is used to decorate the ceilings and walls of bedrooms and kitchens as an alternative to borrowed ceilings (Pixabay)

Features of gypsum board decorations

Nuha explains to Al-Jazeera Net the different features of gypsum board shapes as follows:

1- Suspended ceilings are considered one of the decorations that satisfy all tastes, and can be adapted as desired and choose the likable shape, sometimes we find gypsum board decorations with longitudinal lines, sometimes squares and sometimes circles, so they are very flexible decorations.

2- Suspended ceilings provide an elegant aesthetic view, especially in large areas, and this is probably the main reason why many people choose it when finishing the house.

3- According to the nature of houses in our Arab society, homes are affected by external temperatures, but gypsum board can isolate heat and make the house maintain an average temperature in summer and winter.

4- Gypsum board can be used in wall decoration for regular rooms, halls or even kitchens, it is versatile and is considered a good decor trick.

5- The prices of gypsum board decorations are reasonable and are carried out and installed quickly, as it is light in weight and does not distort the appearance of the normal ceiling.

6- The gypsum board can be used to hide wires and AC connections, so it is a comfortable and elegant decor trick.

7- It can be used to isolate moisture completely. It also has the advantage that it does not affect the building of the house itself.

The ceilings of the living room can be designed in beautiful geometric shapes (communication sites)

Gypsum board forms

There are many modern designs for gypsum board that suit the living room, so whatever the living room area in the house, you can find what suits it well.

Room ceilings can also be designed with beautiful geometric shapes, for those who like geometric shapes, or a good drawing suitable for the living room is chosen.

It is also possible to suffice with gypsum decorations on the sides of the ceiling with the addition of nice and beautiful lighting that highlights the interior of the room from the furniture, as lighting is one of the important things that affects the shape of the decor that you design in general.

Gypsum board in bedrooms

Gypsum decorations vary in bedrooms, but the decor may differ based on the contents of the room, including furniture, its area, and other matters that must be taken into account when designing in general.

You should also take into account the shape and colors of the furniture and try to coordinate it with the colors of the gypsum board, but it is better to choose neutral colors in the decor of gypsum for bedrooms, such as the color “off white” or the color white and others, so that we have many options, especially if there is confusion in terms of furniture colors And the mattresses inside the room so the decor finally appears comfortably on view.

Versatile gypsum board is a good decor trick that hides imperfections and accentuates the aesthetics of the place (Pixabay)

Board gypsum is the most prominent decoration trend

Zain El Din ends her talk that gypsum board decoration is one of the most prominent décor trends that have spread around the world in recent years, because it makes the home more beautiful and luxurious with a touch of elegance, in addition to that the “modern” gypsum board decor is popular now, because it is free from decorations and inscriptions. Relying on abstract geometric configurations and elements devoid of detail.

Defects of gypsum board

Nuha also explains the disadvantages of gypsum board, that if it is not installed correctly or the materials are not good, then in the long term the gypsum board ends may corrode and change its color due to moisture.

Also, compared to a normal ceiling, gypsum board is not stable and may fall off after some time. As for the cost of gypsum board decorations, it is definitely more expensive than a regular ceiling.

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