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The martyrdom of a boy and the occupation closes North Salfit


Atallah Muhammad Harb Rayan, 17, was martyred after the occupation army shot him near the village of Haris, the district of Salfit in the northern West Bank, after he allegedly attacked and stabbed an Israeli female soldier at noon, Tuesday.

In a telephone conversation with Al-Jazeera Net, a public relations official in Salfit Governorate, Mouin Rayan, said that the Israeli army claimed that the boy stabbed a female soldier with a “fruit knife” and lightly wounded her, and that the occupation soldiers were able to shoot and injure him directly, while citizens reported that The boy “tried to stab a female soldier, and the soldiers caught him and then shot him.”

A citizen told J-Media that the boy was passing near the entrance of a guard and soldiers attacked him and shot and hit him with a bullet in the body, but he got up and fought with them for several minutes, after which other soldiers attacked and directly attacked him with the butts of their rifles. His entire face and head, and this – I believe – led to his martyrdom. “

After the incident, the occupation forces began to close the northern entrance to Salfit and the village of Haris, while the soldiers deployed in the vicinity of the town of Qarawat Bani Hassan, from which the martyr hails, and the martyr’s body is still being held by the occupation army.

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