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The masks that we wear are not only of a healthy function .. Our world only breathe autocrats!

The world is suffocating, and the masks that everyone wears today are not just of a sanitary and medical function; Rather, it is an almost explicit metaphor for the panting that characterizes, from now on, the way life operates in our time.

With these words, the Swiss newspaper, Le Temps, summed up an article by a former Harvard researcher and current visiting professor at the Graduate Institute of International Studies and Development in Geneva, Mohamed Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou, in which he said that the world is suffocating, and that only dictatorships are breathing, raising their masks. To reveal another outfit, it highlights the hideous and indecent image of that blatant hegemony, which now controls the destinies of many societies.

In his article published in the blogs section of the newspaper, the writer says that people, in their bewilderment of what is happening, become unaware of what they are about to do, and societal inertia is the beginning of moral fading, and the guilt of elites who are terribly incapable of facing challenges or who only see them as opportunities to increase control is rife. , Exponentially; Because of the forgiven voluntary submission of the masses under the urgency of the necessity to remain, and the retributive in the name of following the custom, in the north as well as in the south.

And adds the world is suffocating just as the American, whose government has brutally strangled and publicly killed, like hundreds of others suffocated in the past decades; Because of the intense hatred spilled by the representatives of the apartheid regime, which eliminates all responsibility, and impunity is passed on from generation to generation.

And the world is suffocating such a Saudi who has been strangled and severed terribly by his regime, it is these corrupt groups whose documented crimes have been erased and established, frustrating efforts to seek democracy, and such destitute citizens who see their demands for more justice and fairness are being challenged and their citizenship is being criminalized, wherever they are. In Lebanon, the Philippines, China, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Côte d’Ivoire and elsewhere.

Breathtaking environment

Thus – the writer says – the accompanying environment takes precedence and breathes, such as the ceaseless death of African immigrants, which has turned into invisible slavery in Libya, and the fate of the Chinese “who are being reprogrammed” (brainwashed) by their state to erase their religion, or the fate of Mexicans who are being Sterilization in detention centers, or Yemenis who were tortured at the hands of the UAE and others, and the victims of the Rohingya genocide in Myanmar, and with all this the new world works according to the principle of cover-up.

As for us – according to the writer – we continue, blindfolded with a mask of conviction and discipline and escape from problems, the start of a world in which we are dissipated by the face of cold technologies that reprogram us, which allow us or prevent us from reaching our life itself.

The writer continues that our world is fading away and losing its compass, as it is no longer crossing About Fear and panic, and no longer seeing others as a threat, this is what America represents, whose ideological decline and closure have become an issue, as it transformed from a pioneering democracy in the past to a postmodern dictatorship, in which outlaw groups can kidnap and prosecute those responsible, and this What also represents France, which is retreating with its endless obsession with Islamophobia, at the urging of its president and the incessant advice of its intellectuals.

A dying world

The writer believes that the advocates of socially destructive neoliberalism and the defenders of the status quo have failed to see the chasm in which the world is deteriorating, and he pointed out that the essence of the symbols of our interaction is the one that is being restructured, either objectively because of the changes around us, or problematic because of what we have described from the blessings of the new world .

Thus some other criteria such as geography, race, religion, class and gender become the basis for actions that are criminalized and punished, especially as we interact through screens and firewalls that guarantee social distance.

The writer concluded that the world is dying, in terms of intelligence, nuances, generosity, contextualism, common sense, historical memory and freedom, especially for a generation that has only known the dictates of the moment, and is afraid of critical thinking.

Mohamed Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou concluded that the current situation the world enters is in fact the result of our actions in the face of suffocation that distorts us so much, to the extent that we reconcile with the logic of annihilation.

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