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The massive data breach is a “grave danger” to America and cannot pass without a response

US President-elect Joe Biden made it clear that a widespread breach of US government data – apparently carried out by the Russian government – constitutes a “grave danger” to national security, and cannot “pass without a response.”

During a press conference, Biden criticized President Donald Trump for failing to provide American defenses to counter the cyber attacks, saying, “This attack took place under the eyes and eyes of Donald Trump, when he was oblivious.”

Biden said that his administration will take serious steps to respond to this breakthrough, adding, “It is a grave danger and still exists. I do not see evidence that it is under control.”

He believed that “securing our cyberspace may cost billions of dollars. I will do whatever is necessary to achieve 3 goals: first, determine the extent of the damage, secondly how to do this, and thirdly what I have to do at home, within my administration, to protect (American cyberspace) in the future.”

The hacking campaign, which was revealed last week, has penetrated at least 6 government agencies, putting the data of thousands of American companies at risk.

Unlike many political officials – some of them within his government – Trump played down the scale of this attack, as well as Russia’s potential responsibility for it.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said it was apparently implemented by the Russian government.

Also, Justice Minister William Barr – who will leave the government soon – announced that Moscow was behind the operation.

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