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The military capabilities of Armenia and Azerbaijan … Russian weapons hit each other

Military capabilities vary between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which have been fighting since days a new war in the Nagorno Karabakh region. The Azerbaijani army is ranked globally at the 64th rank out of 138 countries, while the Armenian army is ranked at the 111th rank, according to the 2020 classification issued by the specialized military site Globalfirepower.

But the common denominator in the military capabilities and equipment between the two countries is that they both use mostly Russian-made weapons, or the two countries inherited them from the Soviet Union, where they were part of it before its collapse in 1991.

The aircraft owned by both armies are mostly “Sukhoi” or “MiG”, and the tanks in their possession are “T-90” or “T-72” (T-72), and the missile systems. S-300, Smerch, Kasirga, or Tochka, all of these types of weapons bear a Russian imprint, and both have some Israeli-made weapons.

Here is a comparison between the two countries’ military capabilities:


Enumerate forces
Defense budget: approximately $ 1.4 billion
Number of army personnel: 245,000
The number of soldiers currently serving: 45,000
The number of reservists: 200,000

Air Force
4 Sukhi-30 fighters (8 more are on order awaiting delivery)
13 military support aircraft
27 helicopters (15 MiG-24 and 12 MiG-8)
3 military transport aircraft
13 military training aircraft

Air assets in the Nagorno Karabakh region controlled by Armenian separatists:
Two military support aircraft
9 helicopters

Armenian wild materiel
110 tanks
748 armored vehicles
38 self-propelled guns
150 field guns
68 rocket launchers

Marine gear
Armenia has no naval forces as it has no access to the sea


Enumerate forces
The defense budget is about $ 2.8 billion
The number of army personnel is 426 thousand
The number of soldiers currently serving: 126,000
The number of reservists: 300,000

Air Force:
17 fighters (5 “MiG-21” and 12 “MiG-29”)
88 helicopters
12 “Sukhoi-25” air support aircraft
One military transport aircraft
29 military training aircraft

Land materiel:
570 tanks
162 rocket launchers
1451 armored vehicles
187 self-propelled guns
227 field guns

Marine gear
One frigate
4 submarines
13 patrol ships
7 naval minesweepers
31 warships

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