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The minority option … perpetuates Algerian Islamist parties that reject the draft constitutional amendment

The Islamist parties of the Ennahda Movement and the Front for Justice and Development in Algeria announced their joining the Movement for the Society of Peace party in rejecting the draft constitutional amendment in the country.

The two parties confirmed – in two separate statements – that they would vote against the constitutional amendments in the referendum scheduled for next November 1.

The Algerian Ennahda Movement said – after an emergency meeting of the Shura Council – that it rejects the constitutional draft, noting that the draft constitutional amendment is not consensual and does not express the popular majority, but rather establishes the option of the minority.

For its part, the Justice and Development Front Party decided – at the conclusion of its Shura Council meeting – to vote rejecting the draft constitutional amendment.

The party’s leader, Abdullah Jaballah, said in a speech during the meeting, “This constitution was drafted by one trend, which is the secular trend with an exclusivist tendency.”

He considered that “this current adopts secularism with French concepts, which is extremist and tries to strip the state and the people of their constants, on top of which is Islam.”

By announcing their position, the two parties join the Movement for the Society of Peace – the largest Islamic party in Algeria – which announced its decision to reject the amendments for the same reason.

And last Monday, the head of the Movement for the Society of Peace, Abd al-Razzaq Maqri, said – in a press conference to announce his party’s stance on the project – addressing the Algerians, “Go by the millions to the fund and express: No.”

Islam is the state religion

The parties’ reservations focus on a political aspect related to the ambiguity of the ruling system, and another regarding articles that want to make the school and the mosque distant from the identity of the people, and the failure to adopt Islamic law as a source of legislation, according to the statements of the party leaders.

President Abdelmadjid Tebboune had said in an interview with local media on September 20, that “issues of identity in the country have been resolved for a long time, and there is no room for discussion, and Islam will remain the religion of the Algerian state.”

The draft amendment to the Algerian constitution consists of a preamble and 7 chapters, and includes among its most important articles the prohibition of running for the presidency for more than two terms, and also includes appointing the prime minister from the parliamentary majority, and permitting the participation of the army in tasks outside the borders, subject to the approval of two-thirds of the members of Parliament.

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune considers the amendment of the constitution as a cornerstone of the radical reforms he undertook before and after his accession to power on 19 December.

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