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The most prominent intruder to Congress wants to testify against Trump

A prominent defendant in the storming of the US Congress has expressed his desire to testify against former President Donald Trump at his parliamentary trial next month, according to his attorney.

The accused, Jacob Chansley – famously known as Jake Angley – kidnapped the limelight by participating in Trump’s supporters storming the Congress building on January 6, to obstruct the confirmation of Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential elections, as he appeared topless wearing a two-horned fur hat on his face the colors of the American flag.

His lawyer, Albert Watkins, said that his client was “deeply fond of” the former president, but that love ended when Trump left the White House without a presidential pardon for Chansley and others who participated in the storming and rioting as expected.

He added that his client “felt that the president had betrayed him,” and believed that it was important for senators to listen to one voice of those incited by Trump, as he put it.

Chansley in an argument with a Capitol policeman (Reuters)

And Chancley and at least 4 others who were indicted in the federal case in the congressional storming case, had indicated that they were receiving orders from Trump.

The charges against Chansley include: civil disobedience, obstruction of official proceedings, disorderly conduct in a restricted building, and demonstration in the Capitol Building (Congress).

Prosecutors succeeded in obtaining a warrant for his imprisonment until the date of the trial, as they explained that he participated in the storming of the Capitol carrying an American flag fixed on a stick like a spear, and that he ignored orders from an officer to leave the building, entered the Senate hall, and wrote a threatening letter to Mike Pence, Vice President at the time. .

As for Chansley, who was a regular attendee at Trump’s supporters’ rallies, he said during the investigations that he went to the Capitol “at the president’s request for all patriots to come to Washington DC on January 6.”

The Senate will actually begin the trial of Trump in the second week of next February, and it is unlikely that a decision will be issued indicting him on the charge of “inciting the revolt,” after most Republicans made it clear that they did not support the efforts of the Democrats in this regard.

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