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The New Typographers .. Expelled from Palestine, and Welcome in Tel Aviv

An Emirati delegation visited the Dome of the Rock Mosque in Jerusalem under the protection of the Israeli occupation police. However, Jerusalemites quickly expelled the delegation from the mosque, considering the visit another normalizing step.

The eighth newsletter – your publication (10/19/2020) monitored the interaction with the event on social media platforms, where the Palestinian Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh condemned the entry of Arab delegations to the Al-Aqsa Mosque through the Israeli gate at a time when they should have entered it from the gate of the mosque owners, as he put it. .

Tweeters welcomed the expulsion of the Emirati delegation from the Dome of the Rock Mosque. Activist Adham Abu Salmiya wrote in a tweet, “Neither welcome nor easy for Arab Zionists … Al-Aqsa Mosque is the creed of a true Muslim, and a sincere Muslim does not support the occupying Zionists, does not imprint with them, and does not incite the Palestinian cause and its people.”

While researcher Saleh Al-Naami believed that the expulsion of the Emirati delegation was the reception that befits them, so he wrote “a reception befitting of the typists in Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

On the other hand, the tweeter, Laila Al-Awadi, asked about the hospitality, and tweeted, “Is this the ethics of hospitality among the Palestinians ?! Is it among the principles of religion to insult the mosque? Is this the morals of the Arabs?

This morning, a Emirates Etihad Airways plane landed this morning at Tel Aviv Airport on the first commercial flight from Abu Dhabi, after the signing of the normalization agreement between Israel and the UAE in Washington in the middle of last month.

The plane carried an Emirati delegation of 58 people, including senior officials in the Etihad Company, businessmen and journalists, and the Emirati flight crew went out waving Israeli flags, while Tel Aviv Airport organized a reception for the Emirati delegation, describing the landing of the Emirati plane as historical moments.

This flight comes one day before the arrival of a high-ranking Emirati delegation to Israel, on the first official visit following the signing of the normalization agreement, and the captain of the Emirati plane that landed at Ben Gurion Airport expressed his enthusiasm for the Emirati-Israeli relations in a speech during the reception of the Emirati plane in Tel Aviv. .

Activist Turki Al-Shalhoub described the trip as treason, and said, “The first commercial flight arriving to Tel Aviv from the UAE, will record in the history of betrayals that the UAE’s Etihad Airways was the first Gulf airlines to land in the arms of the occupation.”

Activist Mohammed bin Saqr believes that the UAE seeks to empower Israel and fight the Arabs, so he wrote, “The Etihad Airways of Abu Dhabi with the Zionists, and they raise the flag of the entity, and a few months ago they claimed that their journey was from the door of generosity to help the Palestinian people. In the region and the fight against the liberation of the Arab people. “

On the other hand, Emirati activist Abdullah Majed Al Ali considered the trip as important, and said, “The commercial flight of the Emirates Airlines to Ben Gurion Airport is an important new step on the road to consolidating peace in the region, and opening the door to friendship and fruitful cooperation between the two countries and the two peoples.”

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