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The number of deaths in one year exceeded the number of Americans killed in the two world wars and the Vietnam War

About 19% of the total Corona deaths in the world occurred in the United States, which is a very large percentage, given the country’s population, which represents 4% of the world’s population.

US President Joe Biden ordered the flag of his country to be flown on government buildings until sunset on Friday in honor of the victims of the Coronavirus pandemic, as America has exceeded half a million deaths from disease, while British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called for people to coexist with the virus in the long term, similar to influenza.

Biden said in a sad speech at the White House that the number of deaths due to Corona in America in one year exceeded the number of Americans killed in the two world wars and the Vietnam War, describing it as tragic.

The bells of the National Cathedral in Washington rang in honor of the victims’ souls, and flags were flown over the White House and federal buildings across the country, and over US embassies around the world.

After President Biden delivered his speech, he accompanied his wife, Jill, his deputy, Kamala Harris, and her husband, Doug Imhoff, to the South Lawn of the White House, where they observed a minute of silence in memory of the lives lost by the virus, which were represented by 500 candles lit behind them.

America, which is the largest focus of the virus in the world, recorded more than 28 million cases of Corona virus and 500 thousand and 264 deaths as of Monday afternoon, according to a Reuters census based on public health data.

The daily death toll and the number of people receiving treatment in US hospitals have fallen to the lowest level since before Thanksgiving and Christmas.

About 19% of the total Corona virus deaths worldwide occurred in the United States, which is a very large percentage, if we take into account that the country’s population represents only 4% of the world’s population.

Fauchi: Political divisions have greatly contributed to the death of more than half a million Americans from Corona disease (Reuters)

Terrible year

“This is the worst thing that happened to this country regarding the health of the nation in more than 100 years,” said Anthony Fauci, Biden’s chief adviser for infectious diseases, in an interview with Reuters on Monday, adding that decades from now people will talk about “that terrible year 2020 and possibly 2021.” Fauci stressed that political divisions have contributed significantly to this number of deaths in the United States.

In Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said today that “people should live with the Corona virus in the long term, just as they do with influenza with the availability of a vaccine,” adding that there are no problems in supplies that affect the doses at the present time.

“The only reason I can say is that we must learn to live with Covid-19, and we also live with influenza in the long term, because we have this program for vaccination, and the ability to develop our vaccines,” the British Prime Minister told his country’s parliament.

Mitigation plan

Johnson presented to Parliament yesterday a plan to ease restrictions consisting of 4 major stages for England, declaring, “We cannot continue indefinitely with restrictions that weaken our economy and our psychological and physical well-being. Therefore, it is essential that this road map be cautious, as well as irreversible.”

The plan includes the opening of schools on March 8, then lifting instructions for homes and allowing small gatherings outside by the end of the same month. Non-essential stores such as beauty salons, bars and museums will open on April 12, and on May 17 cinemas and hotels will open. Stadiums and restaurants. On June 21, restrictions on socializing may be allowed to lift.

In a related context, two studies conducted by the health agencies in England and Scotland revealed that a single dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine is sufficient to reduce the number of people infected with the Coronavirus who require hospitalization by up to 94%.

The two studies concluded after a vaccination campaign that included about a third of adults with a single dose of the Oxford AstraZeneca or Pfizer BioNTech vaccine.

It was remarkable that the two studies found that the vaccine dose is safe and effective, and it reduces the number of serious infections or death for those over the age of 80 years.

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