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The opening ceremony of the World Cup is his most prominent goal … Qatari singer Nasser Al Kubaisi is a talent for heredity

Despite his young age, he was able to find the right place for himself in the world of Qatari songs, and not only had the popularity within his country, but he sought to achieve great popularity in most of the Gulf countries due to his great interaction on social media with an artistic color that liked a large sector in the Gulf region .

The young Qatari artist, Nasser Al-Kubaisi – who began his artistic career at the opening ceremony of the Asian Games hosted by his country in 2006, after he participated in the ceremony as the youngest singer in that important continental tournament, and before the age of 12 years he was at the Coral Swar Theater organized by the island for children, to perform The most famous patriotic song in the country is “Allah Ya Omri Qatar”, with its steady performance and sweet voice being the first step to fame.

It was not strange for this child at the time to gain such great admiration, as he came from an artistic family, so his father was interested in singing, poetry and music. As for his older brother, Fahd, he is one of the most famous artists in the country today, and Nasser considers that the artistic composition of his family was his first motivation. Getting to where it is now.

Despite the great success achieved by the young Al Kubaisi during the recent period, he sees his feeling of participating in the opening ceremony of the Asian Games at a young age, unmatched by any feeling he has felt in recent years, and it cannot be repeated unless he is honored to attend the opening ceremony of the World Cup. For football that Qatar will host in the fall of 2022.

In an exclusive interview with Al-Jazeera Net, Al-Kubaisi believes that the most influenced Qatari singers in his life is the artist Nasser Saleh, explaining that he gave a qualitative leap to the Qatari song in general with his voice, personality, intelligence and imprint, especially in patriotic songs, and his influence reached all Qatari singers.

Nasser Al-Kubaisi’s interaction on social media earned him great fame (Al-Jazeera)

Saudi public

Regarding the diversity of his audience on the means of communication, and noting that most of them are Saudis, Al-Kubaisi said that his influence by the Saudi singer Abdul Majeed Abdullah made the color of his singing appealing to most Saudis, which appears through the interaction of the Saudi audience with the songs he presents or through their interaction on the means of communication. Social, explaining that “the sons of my generation in the Gulf were influenced by Muhammad Abdo and Abd al-Majid Abdullah, as the generation that preceded them was affected by the songs of Umm Kulthum, Abd al-Halim Hafez and Muhammad Abd al-Wahhab.”

Al-Kubaisi considers that his generation of artists owes great thanks to social media, as it is a direct tool to reach the audience and establish a popular base, so what between the artist and his audience is only one click to reach them without any intermediary, to talk to them, discuss them and seek their opinion about his work, indicating that he is just as he was Radio, television and newspapers in the past were the only tool to reach the public. Today, the means of communication have become the easiest and most prominent tool, forcing the stars of the past decade who succeeded before the emergence of social media to interact with these means to stay on the scene.

Al-Kubaisi’s ambition does not stop within the borders of Qatar. Rather, he hopes to reach every Gulf house, and he sees that through the color he presents, he seeks to please people and provide joy and happiness, and he does not try to change this color at all, so his desire is to wake up the Gulf citizen to hear his voice and give him energy Positive in his day.

Acquired experiences

Al-Kubaisi believes, in his interview with Al-Jazeera Net, that his participation in the Qatari singing sessions added to him a lot of experience, as it represents a great friction for the singer with many singers, singing directly in front of the audience, as well as focusing in those sessions on the songs of ancient Qatari folklore.

He adds that last year he participated in the Qatari Song Festival with the song “Al Ma’na says” by the poet Ali Abdul Sattar, and the song “Amdi” with the artist Aseel, and he was very happy with the success he achieved in this festival.

Regarding the obstacles that he faced at the beginning of his artistic life, Al-Kubaisi said that the biggest obstacle in the life of any artist is production, so any singer must answer: How does he produce his songs? How to present it and reach the audience? Adding that he was able to overcome these obstacles thanks to his presence in a technical family that helped him in this.

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