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The people are not bound by the normalization agreement with Israel

A prominent political grouping in the Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change in Sudan announced its rejection of normalization between his country and Israel, and the formation of a resistance front for this purpose.

This came according to a statement by the National Consensus Forces Alliance, the second most prominent component of the Forces of Freedom and Change (the civilian component participating in the ruling coalition).

The coalition added that “our people, who are systematically isolated and marginalized through secret deals, are not bound by the agreements reached by the normalizers.”

He stressed that the people will abide by their historical positions, and will work through a broad front to resist normalization and support the Palestinian people in order to obtain their full legitimate rights.

The coalition considered that the transitional authority intends to violate the constitutional document and is proceeding in the direction of normalization with the Zionist entity, and to break the principles of the Sudan of the Three No’s, in support of the rights of the Palestinians.

He emphasized that the normalization of relations with Israel represents a disregard for popular opinion and its disregard for it, in light of the positions issued by many political forces against normalization.

He renewed the call to expedite the formation of the Legislative Council as a monitoring body concerned with reporting in all issues stipulated in the constitutional document.

The coalition rejected any decision related to normalization without authorization from an elected legislative council, especially in light of the complete absence of the people and their living forces, calling on the transitional authority to freeze any steps in this regard.

Earlier Friday, the Sudanese foreign minister in charge, Omar Qamar al-Din, said that the transitional government had agreed to normalize relations with Israel, shortly after US President Donald Trump announced the matter.

Gamaruddin added that ratifying the agreement, until it enters into force, remains the prerogative of the country’s legislative bodies, in statements reported by the official Sudanese News Agency.

Thus Sudan became the fifth Arab country to conclude a normalization agreement with Israel, after Egypt (1979), Jordan (1994), the UAE and Bahrain.

The National Consensus Forces Alliance was established in September 2009, with the participation of 17 parties opposing the regime of ousted Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir.

It included most of the opposition parties at that time, including the People’s Congress led by Hassan al-Turabi, as well as the National Umma Party led by Sadiq al-Mahdi, and the Communist Party led by Muhammad Ibrahim Nugud.

The National Consensus Forces signed the Declaration of Freedom and Change in January 2019, along with the Sudanese Professionals Association, the Sudan Call Forces and the opposition Federal Rally.

It currently includes several political parties, most notably the Communist, Nasserite and other organizations, in addition to the Baath Party, which announced earlier today its rejection of normalization.

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