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The presidency and the US elections … What will happen after Trump is infected with the Corona virus?

It is known in the American electoral dictionary a concept called the October surprise, meaning an emergency that the ruling president takes advantage of to enhance his chances of winning a second presidential term.

In this year’s elections, it is widely believed in the United States that the October Prize may be – politically, of course, not personally – in the interest of Joe Biden, US President Donald Trump’s rival in the elections.

In this regard, the “From Washington” program (02/10/2020) discussed the implications of Trump’s infection with the Coronavirus on his campaign and his chances of winning the elections, as well as on the situation inside and outside the country.

The former State Department official, Dr. Nabil Khoury, expressed his concern about the presidential elections before Trump was infected with Corona, considering that those who lie to the American people – as he described them – for four years are hard to believe in this period.

He added that the constitutional logic is that if Trump becomes ill, he must submit a written letter to Congress saying that he cannot bear the burden of the presidency and then it is transferred to the deputy, calling for adherence to the constitution and the law even if this presidency did not know about it, he said.

Presidential historian Barbara Perry said that the American constitution is fixed and does not change according to the health of the president, but there is an article that states that the vice president takes office until the president is able to assume his duties, considering that this is what enables Washington to move forward and determine the fate of the elections because the president He may not be the winner, nor may he accept the result.

And she considered that President Trump broke many presidential standards and traditions, especially with regard to the electoral system, as well as his extensive use of new media, noting that this matter causes concern to Americans and does not make them trust the polls on the extent of the Corona virus in the country.

As for President Trump’s election campaign member, Dr. Gabriel Saouma, he said that Trump’s health condition is stable and he will return to pursue his presidential duties, especially since the symptoms that have appeared so far are weak, and that the drugs that help with treatment have become known.

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