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The relationship with Israel is subject to debate

Sudanese Foreign Minister Omar Qamar al-Din said that his country’s relationship with Israel is subject to discussion, and that the matter is determined by Sudan’s priorities and foreign interests.

This came in an interview by Qamar al-Din with the French “France 24” channel, in light of escalating talks about normalization, and Israeli and American media reports over the past few days said that Khartoum agreed to normalize relations with Tel Aviv in the event that Sudan’s name was removed from the American list of countries sponsoring terrorism, and it occurred. On aid from Washington.

The Sudanese Foreign Minister said during the interview that “the relationship with Israel is subject to discussion, and we are in a hurry to remove the name of Sudan from the list of terrorism, and we do not put any relationship between this issue and normalization.”

He added, “We are not ready to do anything with another country except according to what Sudan determines of its external interests with any country in the world. This is up to Sudan’s priorities.”

Qamar al-Din’s statements came a week after Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo Hemedti, Vice Chairman of the Sovereignty Council in Sudan, confirmed that his country “is continuing to build relations with Israel.”

In an interview with a Sudanese channel, Hemedti indicated that he had received an American promise to remove Sudan from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism.

The head of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council, Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan, said on September 23 that his discussions with American officials during his recent visit to the Emirates dealt with several issues, including “Arab peace” with Israel and bilateral relations.

Sudanese political forces have declared their categorical rejection of normalization, following the recent conclusion of the UAE and Bahrain normalization agreement with Tel Aviv.

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