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The return of the masses to the stands in the European Championships .. Test, study and decision within days

The European Football Association (UEFA) is expected to decide next week whether the fans will be allowed to return to the matches in the stadiums of its tournaments such as the European Champions League and the European League.

A similar decision must be taken by the European Union’s Executive Committee, which is scheduled to hold a videoconference next Thursday on the sidelines of the group stage draw ceremony for the main continental competition.

UEFA is evaluating the Super Cup match between Bayern Munich and Seville in Budapest, which was held in front of 15,180 fans on Thursday, according to the official report of the match.

This was the first UEFA match to be held in the presence of the public in the midst of the outbreak of the epidemic, as all matches in the past period were held without an audience. All competitions will see matches next month.

The Super Cup was a test to see how far fans could be brought back in limited numbers under a strict hygiene and safety protocol.

Uefa said there was no mistake on his part, and that he would evaluate the match with the Hungarian authorities, adding, “We were happy to experience the real football atmosphere again.”

On Friday, Hungarian newspapers published conflicting reports about everyone’s adherence to the protocol.

Some of them stated that the fans lined up in front of the gate to enter the stadium, without respecting the rules of social distancing and wearing masks, and the social distancing distance was less than required during the extra time of the match, which Bayern won 2-1.

Others argued that there were no noticeable mass gatherings in the stands.

The holding of the match, in the presence of the public, caused a great controversy due to the high number of people infected with Corona in Budapest, and the German health authorities considered it a very dangerous area.

Three thousand tickets were allocated to each team, but Seville returned 2,500 of them last week, and it is also believed that most of the Bayern fans, who were due to travel to Budapest, canceled their trips after the state of Bavaria imposed stricter rules related to quarantine, on returnees from abroad.

And on time HimselfFrank Ulrich Montgomery, President of the World Medical Association, strongly criticized the presence of the masses in Budapest, asserting that “football has the advantage of fools. This is counterproductive and sends the wrong signal.”

“While citizens cannot spend their holidays abroad, the presidents and players of Bayern Munich can travel to a dangerous area. This is a devastating sign,” he added.

On the other hand, Bayern officials welcomed the return of the fans, which have also begun to return in the German League and other leagues.

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