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The Second Virus Shockwave Is Hitting China’s Factories Already

The Second Virus Shockwave Is Hitting China’s Factories Already

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  1. This is about the economy,not the virus.

  2. Why the fuck are these cunts clickbaiting at a time like this. It need to be a fucking crime

  3. >Gao’s firm, Shandong Pangu Industrial Co., makes tools like hammers and axes, 60% of which go to the European market. ***As the virus ravages the continent from Spain to Italy, the shutdowns there are cutting off orders to Chinese factories just as they were beginning to get back on their feet. It’s a story playing out across the country.***

  4. It’s really easy to see who commented without reading the article or other comments

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  6. Super misleading title… irresponsible post imo.

  7. This was bound to happen, they essentially started repainting the kitchen while the house was still on fire

  8. The Chinese economy is locked into manufacturing for export.

    The global economy is in free fall and orders have evaporated.

    I think they have also gone back too early , once economic panic set in.

    Their big problem will be food security , especially if crops fail in exporting countries.

    Regimes only survive if the people are fed and sheltered. Xi must be very nervous about civil unrest.

  9. The globalisation of supply chains is a double edged sword. The world will have to write at least 6 months off the 2020 P&L

  10. Welp…back out for tp! 439am is the best time!

  11. Is anyone really believing the whole “second wave” thing? Like honestly.

    Edit: yes I know its talking about the economy. I stand by what I said.

  12. Who couldn’t see this coming?

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