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The state of Georgia officially confirms Biden’s victory, and Trump seeks to stop the election results from being approved by critical states

The state of Georgia has officially certified that Democratic candidate Joe Biden won the electoral college votes in the state after manually recounting, while US President Donald Trump seeks to persuade Republican leaders in legislatures in states to stop ratifying election results in critical states, most notably Michigan and Pennsylvania.

On Friday, Georgia State Secretary Brad Ravensberger said that the manual recount of voters in the presidential election that took place on the third of this month confirmed Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump.

Ravensburger added in a press conference that the numbers confirmed Trump’s loss in the elections, and Georgia has 19 members in the 538 electoral college, which will choose the president of the United States in the middle of next month.

Officials in the state of Georgia had confirmed that the final results of the state’s recount confirmed Biden’s victory in the state by 12,284 votes over his opponent Trump.

Al-Jazeera correspondent in Atlanta, Georgia, Nasser al-Husseini said that the Trump campaign still had a delay until next Tuesday to file a lawsuit to challenge the state’s results, or to request a recount as permitted by law.

Wisconsin and Pennsylvania

And in Wisconsin, President Trump’s campaign said that the state’s election commission had repeatedly violated the law, by trying to change the election rules in the last moments before voting began.

The campaign added, in a statement issued to coincide with the start of the recount in the state, that the commission deprived voters in Wisconsin of the right to vote and undermined the integrity of the elections.

The campaign expressed confidence in President Trump’s victory when counting the legal votes and disposing of illegal ballot papers.

Trump’s campaign has paid $ 3 million to the Wisconsin Election Commission to start a partial vote-counting process, and has demanded a recount in Milwaukee and Dean counties, alleging election irregularities in them.

And in Pennsylvania, Al Jazeera’s Philadelphia correspondent Bisan Aboquik said that the Trump campaign had amended one of the lawsuits it had filed to contest the election results, and the amendment required the state’s local judiciary to issue a declaration requiring the state legislature, which is controlled by the Republicans, to intervene in selecting members of the House. Electoral for the state on the grounds that the votes cast were tainted by defects.

The correspondent added that attention awaits Monday, which is the deadline for the state counties to submit their ratification of the election results.

And in Arizona, a judge rejected a Republican Party lawsuit to conduct a new review of ballot papers that Republicans said were conducted in a manner that violated state law. The judge also rejected the party’s request to prevent Maricopa County from certifying election results that showed Joe Biden winning.

The judge said it was futile to allow the party to file a new lawsuit, and district attorneys warned that such efforts could delay the state’s ratification of the election results.

Legislative councils

In light of the failure of the Trump campaign in the legal appeals battle, informed sources told “Reuters” (Reuters) that the Trump campaign has shifted to a new strategy based on persuading Republican lawmakers to intervene on his behalf in the crucial states that Biden won.

The Trump campaign has already asked a Pennsylvania judge to declare Trump the winner, allowing the Republican-controlled legislature to choose the state’s 20 electoral votes.

Trump will also meet, in an unprecedented move, Friday at the White House of two Republicans in the Michigan state legislature, as Trump’s team seeks to prevent the state from ratifying the vote.

Biden won the state with 155,000 votes, a margin 10 times higher than Trump’s 2016 election.

An activist published a video on his Twitter account showing the Republican Majority Leader in the Michigan State Senate, Mike Sherky, on his way to Washington to attend a meeting held by Trump with the leaders of the Republican lawmakers in the House of Representatives and the Senate of Michigan, including Lee Chatfield, the Republican House Speaker. .

A number of people gathered around Republican Senator Shirky at the airport, holding banners reading “Preserve democracy” and “Protect Our Voices.”

The Al Jazeera correspondent in Pennsylvania added that there is talk that Trump is considering summoning Republican members of the state legislature to the White House to influence them in choosing the members of the Electoral College representing the state of Pennsylvania, who will participate in the upcoming vote next December on the elections for the new president.

Even if Pennsylvania and Michigan turn in his favor, which is a slave, Trump will need to reverse the outcome of the third-state vote to outrun Biden in the electoral college.

An exceptional measure like this will be a precedent in modern American history, as Trump not only needs the intervention of the legislatures in 3 states, as is the case now, but will then need the approval of Congress and the US Supreme Court for these measures.

Trump’s lawyers say the US Constitution gives state legislatures, not their governors or their representatives, the final say in appointing electoral college members. Republicans control legislatures in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

The popular vote

Biden outperformed Trump in the popular vote by nearly 6 million votes, but the election result is decided on the votes of the electoral college, as the winner of the popular vote in each state gets the votes assigned to her in the complex, which are determined according to several criteria, the most prominent of which is the state’s population weight.

Biden won 306 votes compared to 232 for Trump in the electoral college, which is much more than the 270 votes needed to win. All states must document official results at least 6 days before the elections take place on December 14th.

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