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The suspension of the congressional session after recording the objection of 60 Republicans and Trump: We will not give up

The House and Senate suspended the joint ratification session on Joe Biden’s victory after the objection of 60 Republicans, while the outgoing president renewed his non-recognition of the results, and launched an attack on Republicans and the media.

Arizona Republican Paul Gossar objected to the election result in his state, and Senator Ted Cruz joined him.

Mike Pence, outgoing Vice President Donald Trump, decided his position on the entire process, confirming that his role is only ceremonial, which puts an end to President Trump’s pressure to demand that the results be returned to the states.

Pence chaired as President of the Senate and announces the results, and becomes the candidate who receives at least 270 of the 538 electoral votes; The next president.

Pence announced that he “shared with millions of Americans their concerns about fraud in the presidential elections,” and welcomed efforts to oppose congressional approval for them.

In a statement issued by Mark Short, the vice president’s chief of staff, Pence said he shared millions of Americans’ concerns about fraud, and welcomed efforts by Republican members of Congress to veto the election results, pursuant to the authority vested in them by law.

The vote by members of the electoral college in the 50 states – in addition to Washington, DC – showed Democratic candidate Joe Biden winning with 306 votes, compared to Republican candidate Donald Trump receiving 232 votes.

The step of counting and approving the votes in the joint session of both houses of Congress was a routine event aimed at codifying results acceptable to the two candidates and their parties, but due to President Trump’s continued refusal to acknowledge defeat and his claim to steal and rig the elections, all eyes are turning to what the meeting may lead to, amid Trump’s pressure on his deputy, Pence To turn the results in his favor.

For his part, President of the Republican majority in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, said that the courts rejected the electoral lawsuits and did not find evidence of widespread fraud, noting that “nothing before us proves the existence of serious errors in the elections that could tip the result.”

He said that protecting the US Constitution requires us to respect the limits of our powers.

In turn, the leader of the Democratic minority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, stressed that the people decide the elections, not the Congress.

“What the Republicans are doing embarrass us all and embarrass the American people,” he said.

Trump rallies his supporters

The Al-Jazeera correspondent reported that there were clashes between Trump supporters and police outside Congress, but they were controlled using tear gas.

Demonstrators tried to storm the Congress building, carrying banners in support of Trump, who called them today to go to the building and retrieve what he says is stealing the elections.

Prior to the congressional session to ratify the results, the outgoing US President renewed his failure to admit defeat to Democratic President-elect Joe Biden, and confirmed the fraud of the presidential election results, accusing the media of dishonesty.

“We will never surrender and we will never admit defeat,” Trump told a crowd of his supporters in a park near the White House, noting that the elections were rigged, “as never before,” stressing, “We will stop theft.”

He added that he won the elections a lot and that the results were not close, indicating that he obtained 75 million electoral votes, “Yet they say that I did not win.”

Trump pinned his hopes on Vice President Mike Pence, saying, “I hope Pence will do the right thing because if he does, we’ll win the election.”

The outgoing president added that Pence must protect the constitution, explaining that all he has to do is ask the states to reconsider ratifying the elections.

He launched an attack on the media and the press, and demanded that they turn the cameras to watch the thousands, he says, accusing the media and the press in general of being the enemy of the people.

At the same time, Trump pointed his arrows at what he described as the weak Republicans who “are competing like a boxer with hands tied behind his back.”

In his attack on his rival Biden, Trump said, “You will have an illegitimate president, but we cannot allow that.”

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